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  • NemutaurNemutaur Germany
    Eld said:
    Daeir said:
    I can't really agree that the notion was specifically intended for 1v1, though I am likely wrong. I have significant issues retaining kai throughout spark conflicts, especially when I am banishing allies whom are being radianced every 10 seconds or so. Halving the amount of kai I get will introduce an element of attrition to these fights which was not present before - while that is not overtly relevant to radiance given its duration, it's definitely going to be an issue in more protracted fights, at least for me.

    I am super ecstatic about stances persisting between rooms though. That is going to save so much endurance/willpower for bashing, and also encourage people to experiment with the other stances a little more (hopefully, but probably not).
    Why would not having to stance save you willpower?
    DRS costs eq and willpower unlike other stances.
  • Oh, weird.
  • Dragon stance is "a state of mind"
    Hiroma tells you, "I just got to listen to someone complain about your deadly axekick being the bane of their existence."
    Archdragon Mizik Corten, Herald of Ruin says, "Man, that was a big axk."
    Hellrazor Cain de Soulis, Sartan's Hammer says, "Your [sic] a beast."
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