• Nyboe said:
    For this inconvenience this has caused, I think everyone should get 20 credits as way to apologize to the Achaea community for all the trouble that has been caused today by this downtime.
    Talk about extreme entitlement behaviour. The whole world owes us something.
  • Nyboe said:
    Eld said:
    Yes, the horror of not being able to play a game for half an hour is nigh unbearable.
    I know right. Maybe we can ask for more credits.

    No really, I am actually surprised with the "wtf" votes. Lot of games apologize to their game community when any type of inconvenience happens by giving fair compensation to all players, especially games that run on a business model like Achaea. Now this is the second time I seen Achaea go down like this so I am still actually waiting to see how they handle this.
    I'm guessing this life-enhancing aura on DEF is something along those lines.
  • Thanks for the update. Okay, back to the game everyone :)

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