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    Nyboe said:
    Delphinus said:
    Zael said:
    Or you could go sentinel and not have to buy artie wings, seeing how you can use a morph for it. (I think?)
    Artefact wings bring you to a place that's basically a non-newbie Ring of Portals. Metamorphosis lets you travel instantly to someone, if both you and your target are outdoors.
    Instantly you say? This sounds better then evade. Is there any way to prevent this instant travel by a sentinel through any hindering methods? Its not hard to locate someone outdoors.
    You have to be airborne to track (the ability is called Tracking). Dragons get it, too. It's stopped by anything that would keep an airborne person from moving, as far as I know.

    Tracking and evade are for two different purposes. Evade is more for escaping people; it's quicker, stealthier, and it bypasses any in-room hazards that would prevent you from moving (e.g. rubble, tentacles, stonewalls, icy ground). They're not really comparable. Wormholes would be a better comparison to tracking.
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