Good RP and bad RP habits



  • Hmm, what to add...I think a major factor was overlooked; that being greyline habits. I only have time to touch a bit on this. Hopefully it'll throw the seed out there for others to dive into.

    Spamming no, but is your use of an act something of your character's habit, or making them look like they should take up residence in Creville? I know I've slipped and had my characters (yes I have another other than Tess') repeat their habitual acts too often. Tessa for instance scratches and rubs her neck when she's thinking. There have been a few times when her neck, for all intents and purposes, should be fire-engine red despite her inked skin . :P Noone's perfect, but it's something to keep in mind.

    How do you carry yourself when encountering OOC aspects of the game, or those that are considered OOC by the majority? Things such as 'leveling', 'PK', etc. Some ignore it completely, some try to go with it, others are...'different', and do consider certain OOC aspects as being IC.

    There's more I was planning on adding, but I have to run for now. Hope this helps.
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