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[Mudlet] Scent2Strong - A perfume/cologne gag system!

KoganKogan Posts: 327Member ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
This was made to counter seeing 30 perfumes/colognes at big events and for those of us who just prefer to not see them. I've made 2 versions of it. One for people on versions of Mudlet below 3.1 and another for 3.1+ users. They only differ slightly.

Sub 3.1 - You have 2 aliases. s2s install which only needs to be ran once after first installing the package. The second alias is s2s which just enables or disables gagging of perfumes/colognes.

Download sub 3.1 version here

3.1+ - You only have one alias since the install function is hooked to the sysInstall event! s2s is your only alias and enables or disables gagging of perfumes/colognes.

Download 3.1+ version here.

For both of these when you go to exit you will get an echo telling you how many scents you either avoided or suffered!

I am aware a few perfumes/colognes are missing. If you'd like to contribute them so I can update please gather the lines and the name of the perfume/cologne. It's likely some may have more than 1 line so please ensure you get them all! In the future I plan to add the ability to toggle the gagging of specific ones so you can use this and still notice your friends perfume/cologne they designed on others. If you encounter any other issues or bugs please let me know here!
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