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We asked, they listened. New credit leveling system.



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    Well, except for that asteroid field that's not on any of the charts.  :(
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    Santar said:
    Silvarien said:
    Thank you, admins. I think this is going to help a lot of people and make the game enjoyable even for those who cannot charge up a ton. Tri-trans is more feasible than ever! OOOR that special little drinking horn with 60 shots of absinthe that turns you from a walking talking person to a walking talking fountain of vomit! Huzzah. :)

    @Santar : honestly man, I have to say that complaining in this particular thread is just not cool.

    Which part of what I said do you disagree with? I said it was a good change, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it took them years upon years to both realize that their progression model was piss-poor and finally change it. The fact that they did change it is a testament to the fact that the administration also agrees that it was terrible as it was before.

    It baffles me that everyone is so quick to praise the administration after their apparent and long-term laxity towards both this and numerous other problems in Achaea.


    And yes, I realize my view on this may be different than for some of you. I've been playing this game for 10 years. Some of you are happy to get free credits, but 191 credits doesn't mean anything to me now. I have 3000 credits between my characters that I have no desire to ever spend. I watched this be a problem for my 10 years of play time. I watched new players come, be discouraged, and quit because they didn't want to sink money into the game and couldn't be anything close to useful without doing so.  It's nice to take a step in the right direction, but I can't help but think how much better the game could've been over the years if changes like this had been made.

    If I couldn't sink money into this game, I would also have certainly never stuck around.

    I know everyone is all happy and high on free credits and good things happenings now with IRE and Achaea, but Santar isn't wrong here. 

    Sarapis said:
    That's great. Santar. Thanks so much for being part of the solution.
    To be fair, IRE is the one making money and we're spending it. If any solution is really to be made (outside of playing the game), it falls on IRE's responsibility. 

    I do like the direction things are headed now, though. 

    It's more a matter of taste of if you can be happy or sad about things, but everyone knows what's going on. Many would just choose to be happy about things instead of focus on the sad.

    Players aren't just going to forget and we're not friends with IRE, we're customers that are being sold a product, a game that is the most expensive game I've ever paid for that offers no resell value or really any real value outside of game play. We don't need to suck up or be happy with how IRE has chosen to do things, nor should we be expected to. IRE should be happy we pay money and ensure it keeps happening. I don't get a Christmas or Birthday card, but my credit payment invoice goes quicker than lightning.

    If we didn't get free credits for those of us that aren't newbies, this thread would be a bitch-fest and everyone knows it, and Santar's post would be the star post in the thread right now.
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    @Daruka please just look at the bright side. Everyone was treated equally at the end. It is just a good thing. It will not solve any other issues Achaea has and I am not aware of, but it is still something good and it must be acknowledged as such. This is just my opinion.

    Furthermore, we are customers, it is obvious. Some of us are more sophisticated than others. Some of us have more financial resources than others.
    IRE must keep us all satisfied and well fed, in proportionate and different measures. That is basically it. The MUD is qualified as addicting per se, and it is clear that people spend a lot of money on it.
    Try to merge all of the above, just make a RL example, and everything will come into place.

    Generally speaking, I am aware that some IRE stuff can be questioned on many grounds, but I like this game and I like to support it, surely with my subscription.

    I hope I did not offend you, or anybody, I am just having fun.
    Light prevails, always
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    Drauka said:
    we're customers that are being sold a product, a game that is the most expensive game I've ever paid for that offers no resell value or really any real value outside of game play.

    That said, of all the games I've 'bought', for money/time Achaea is by far the cheapest.

    (even more so when I bought less than $50 total in credits for my first 5-6 years)
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    That's a lot of forum points, Triak. D:

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    Re Santar/Drauka:

    Eh, what.

    Iron Realms Entertainments have taken many, many steps to decrease both the high entry threshold and the steep learning curve over the years, albeit possibly not so much here in Achaea. The monthly promotions has been up and running for two-three years now, having given away far, far more than a measly 141 credits or so in total. Just let me give you one example: In Aetolia, one of the 'log in 21 days and get a special shiny item' promotion gave us a snowball that when shaken would take us to snowswell. Once there, you could gather wight essences, trade those for artifact vials, trade those in for credits. If you wanted, it was possible to earn one-two (or more, depending on your class/luck) artifact vials per in game year (that's about 50 bound credits every two weeks), and all you had to do was spend one hour killing snow wights. Another example: Experience loss upon death has been decreased over most the games, experience gained when bashing has been increased, the Elite Membership offers -great- bonuses apart from the way, way cheaper-than-normal credits. Even more examples: Log in to earn lessons. Log in to earn credits. Ironbeard giftbags (I've made hundreds of credits from those in Aetolia, even got a few nice giftbags last christmas when I came back here). The Wheel of Fortune spins (my sylvan won a pair of gloves of harvesting last time they had this one). The current promotion - the giftbags being handed out at credit purchases - retroactively gave you nine times the number of giftbags you had already received, despite some people already having gotten the old bags with tons more gold/items in them.

    This may be a bit provocative, but the Achaean playerbase -never- seems to be satisfied (I guess because it's so big, there's always someone with a different opinion). It just looks like IRE is getting more and more generous with artifact sales, credit sales, and, more importantly, promotional events that require no investment from the players to participate in, and people still complain that it was not done sooner or that more has not been done?

    Basically, new people should have an easier time learning their skills in any of the Iron Realms Games than ever before, and any steps taken in that direction is a good thing. I would like to think that people are quick to praise the administration when they do something good because it benefits the game; on the other hand, holding a grudge for things not being done the way you wanted them to be done in the past seems a bit counterproductive.

    Edited for clarification.
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