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It's fucked, pretty much impossible to make a lot of conjured/augmented items and sell them for a price people are going to pay. Any ideas how we fix this?


  • Fix it? It was designed like this so that the people first in the door on mining could become entrenched and do exactly this. It is just amazing it took someone this long to actually DO it.

  • This is capitalism at its finest

  • The thing is, the entire debacle is all because one person went in with millions and bought everything out. It's not even a miner that did it.

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    Not only that, a lot of people who mine seem to just sit on stockpiles of materials still to use for crafting and building.

  • I agree that the normal situation isn't great and that the current situation is terrible.

    I suggest reaching out to miners directly to ask if they have comms to sell. The easy part of mining is getting the lodes, the hard part is selling it for a profit.

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    That isn't my experience at all. I have to spend hours upon hours to find one lode. And the profits look to be absolutely insane. The most extreme being things like massive silver mines. 5000 silver x 700gp each = 3.5 mil.

    I think two simple ways to make mining better would be to add a few more lodes and make the lodes appear individually and not in giant groups. As it is now, no lodes appear for hours and hours, and then bam, 14 lodes appear. Whichever city/miner is Johnny on the spot gets everything. And since a number of people have 4 mine spots, everything good is swept up by a few people.

  • My perspective is different regarding finding lodes versus selling the commodities. When you mine consistently for a long time and get the good lodes, you struggle to sell the commodities at a good price because the supply and demand don't match each other very well. There was a time I was sitting on 150k commodities because if I sold them, the price would tank to a profit loss scenario. Silver is a different beast because the demand outweighs supply (or someone has spent years artificially keeping the price high).

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    That makes sense. I guess a high price is only useful if someone will buy it! And yah, I'm pretty new to mining. I don't have that long term perspective.

  • I heard a rumour that you can get soldier squads over Lvl20 using Qwindorium some time ago. Since this is tangential to mining has anyone else heard this?

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    Profit ~= flat gold earned. Silver takes a fair bit to mine, and you run a pretty solid risk of having your mine attacked by someone better than you if you're not established. Not taking in the cost of comms to build the mine, or have it up long enough to mine it out. Actual profit is going to be much lower than 3.5mil.

    Mining, across the board, is going to be a "barely break even" for a very long time to anyone just starting out / trying to get their mines up consistently (if not an outright loss in some cases). Even moreso if you're doing it to help your city with their (frankly ridiculous) yearly comm upkeep. Cooper is also correct here; most of the expensive comms don't sell very fast at all. You're going to be sitting on a pile for a fair bit.

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  • First, as far as I can tell lode generation is roughly on par with what it has always been. And that has been tied to some usage formula since basically the beginning.

    So, any shortages are more than likely artificial versus an issue with how much is actually out there/generated. So less a front end and more a back end/hoarding/speculating issue.

    As far as profit, you could sell silver at 200 per and be profitable for most silver lodes. But, artificial scarcity means people won't sell below an insane price point.

    So, how do you fix it? Give hoarders a reason to sell to you at a better rate. Have your city/house provide some kind of incentive to sell. Mine more. Create trade deals with specific miners or city-states. Flood the market with cheaper comms. Create a cabal to fix prices on enchantments. Lots of options.

  • The two issues are a lack of price gouging mitigations and that the people who do get silver lodes tend to be the same handful. There is no incentive, and realistically can be no incentive, to offset the profit of pricing however you want. Cities need these commodities eventually, after all.

  • There should not be hard coded "price gouging mitigation" in the game. There are more than enough IG ways to mitigate it. And yes, there are incentives.

    As Cooper mentioned, just because you price silver at, say, 1250, does not mean in any way you'll sell it. People who want to offload naturally pressure the market downward (as is already happening, to a limited extent). If you already have millions of sovereigns, sure, you can price and leave it and not care. But people who actually want to sell need to adjust downward.

    There's a sense of civil duty, as well, that could prompt people to sell at 200 instead of 2000.

    There are many miners who might make direct/individual sales below market. Or who might exchange silver for say, stone and wood.

    Regarding the same handful getting lodes: silver spawns have ranged across the day. If certain people are getting them consistently, it's a combination of persistent prospecting and luck. Does it suck if you can only log in a few hours a day, when they might be logged in for 12? Sure! But that's not an issue with the system, that's just how probability works.

    Cities have more than a few ways to acquire these commodities without being gouged. Get creative.

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