Retiree Apostate Questions

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I've been dormant for nearly 3 years, and I'm thinking of retiring, which would net me 3400 credits to play with. Apostate seems like the best class for me! I was wondering if anyone could shed some insight on how to spend my credits.

From my day I remember apostates speccing for intellect is this still the best case? I believe grook has the highest intellect iirc.

What skills should I focus on first?

What artifacts should I get?

I want to get back into pvp eventually but hunting will be my main focus because I know I will need some health before I get into combat.


  • Apostate really doesn't need much in the way of offensive artefacts. 16 Int is the most you want for corrupt strategies, it doesn't seem to scale at all above that, but that's pvp only. If you mostly want to hunt, Constitution and hunting artefacts are better. Apostate has the advantage that you can focus on that and not really miss out on offensive boosts.

    Skills: Evileye for Deadeyes bleed bleed (Trans first), Necromancy for putrefaction, Apostasy for demon armour/demon syphon eventually.

    Artifacts: Con belts, sip ring, bracelets,... crit pendant for hunting if you want. 
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