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You guys can make fun of me for this question, but I remember true parry use to be parry both leg, both arms, or head and torso. Now it's pick left, right, or center. Was this changed because they thought true parry was to good or changed it because it wasn't good enough. Because it's a lot better than what it was now, and I'm just trying to figure out why it was changed. Someone told me it was because they tried to nerf it and if so they failed.

Anyway I'm just curious about it, thanks in advance.
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    IIRC used to be legs, arms, left, right, centre as options.
  • Well, you did say they could make fun of you...
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    Why did they fail exactly?

    Realized this wasn't Wyverex and decided not to be a jerk.
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    Alright, obviously I'm missing some information. So lets start from scratch, what did it use to be and what is it now? I'm trying to formulate theories for getting around their parry. I mean I guess I don't need to since there aren't any who fight, but I would like to know nonetheless.
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  • It used to be basically 'any direct line'. Both arms, both legs, both left side, both right side, head/torso.

    Now it's both left side, both right side, or head/torso.

    Thus, they lost two (significant) options, hence it's a nerf.
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