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We Draw Our Characters



  • PuxiPuxi Member Posts: 625 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Artists! Svof needs your help!

    We are looking for a 120x30 profile icon made for Svof. (https://wiki.mudlet.org/w/Manual:Mudlet_Object_Functions#setProfileIcon)

    Shoot me a forum message or in game message if you are interested and how much you would want to make this. Cheers!
  • RyssaRyssa Member Posts: 107 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    And with this, I’m starting up commissions again, but one at a time, so I don’t get overwhelmed, hehe. I’ve reached out to one who expressed interest before already, so a slot will be open again once I post their piece.
  • SthenoStheno Member Posts: 195 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    I'd like a commission when available. You really are improving with every piece.
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  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,480 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I'd like one as well, though I'm not sure what your prices were/are.
  • RyssaRyssa Member Posts: 107 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Tahquil said:
    I'd like one as well, though I'm not sure what your prices were/are.
    I generally leave it to the generosity of my patron, and what they feel my work is worth. 
    BUT, I'd like at least 10-15 credits. 
  • TaryiusTaryius Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 818 @ - Epic Achaean
    I'd also be very interested in a commission if a slot opens up!
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, FloridaMember Posts: 5,147 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    And I'd take a slot after the above, when you have the time!
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  • CeceliaCecelia Member Posts: 16 ✭✭ - Stalwart
    I'd definitely be interested whenever you work through the growing list. Can throw you credits or RL cash if you have a paypal.
  • PenwizePenwize Member Posts: 1,558 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    @Ryssa If you want another Atavian in your commission queue, sign me up.  I've never had one done for my character before!
  • ZackeryZackery Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 279 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    I would love to commission one! Happy to send credits or Venmo or whatever you prefer.
  • NumiraNumira Member Posts: 173 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    That portrait is lit. 

    Ha ha funny joke. But actually tho. It’s reeeeeaaly well done.
  • AegothAegoth Member Posts: 2,906 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Everyone trying to be Holoposers here, sheesh. 

    Awesome drawing tho! 
  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,480 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Liked for toucan. Adorable.
  • JiraishinJiraishin skulkingMember Posts: 2,202 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Olisaphet said:

    uhh yeah idk heres my guy olisaphet and her guys
    (baby toucan, scruffy cygnet, A Parchment Kite (???), a borean seagull (did not show up for picture day))

    working on @Jiraishin his face is tiny atm
    This is gorgeous and that toucan is adorable, oh my gosh
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  • NumiraNumira Member Posts: 173 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Toucan and “what is a parchment kite” killed me. XD also pls draw more stuffs. Nice work!
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lolMember Posts: 1,017 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    you look like you're in pain
  • AlasielAlasiel Member Posts: 35 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    edited August 2019
    @Atalkez @Ryssa Wow, right in the feels. :(

    Also, if you've got room, I'd love one of my character as well!
  • EstiEsti Member Posts: 7
    Ryssa said:

    Heh, just from the number of layers, I think my iPad was started to delay from my pencil when I zoomed in too much

    I have another drawing in the works, and will message the next on the list.

    I love this so much @Ryssa! She is beautiful! You did such a great job on everything! Eeee!
  • EstiEsti Member Posts: 7
    Also! you attention to detail is stunningly gorgeous @Ryssa
  • RyssaRyssa Member Posts: 107 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Thank you ^_^ it took a bit of research to figure out some of the armour, but it was fun and educational, heh
  • EstiEsti Member Posts: 7
    edited September 2019
    @Tahquil I feel like this often in designing... :(

    You end up checking and checking and having multiple people checking it. And then you send it in. All.. this perfect! And then you get back a snotty sounding letter which you spent a year or two ig waiting for.  Then you kinda wilt.

    Relatable comic is relatable!
  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,480 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I don't mind the tone. I always feel super guilty of mistakes because they give us the guidelines and request we check just to try and alleviate their workload. Then the get stuff like my last submission and the must feel like "sigh.... we've been over this a thousand times....."
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