Mudlet 3 on Windows - lua command isn't working?

edited November 2018 in Tech Support
Trying to run "lua" command on mudlet but it doesn't seem to be working, in that it doesn't get intercepted and used in Mudlet but goes straight to Achaea.

What am I missing? 


2540h, 1680m, 8400e, 7800w  ex----s15:27:43.95--lua local a="
xml"function d(b,c)if not c:find("YATCOConfig",1,true)then return end installPackage(c)os.remove(c)cecho("<lime_green>Package
installed!\n")end registerAnonymousEventHandler("sysDownloadDone","d")downloadFile(getMudletHomeDir()..(a:ends("xml")and"/YATCOConfig
I'm sorry, I don't know what "lua" does.
2540h, 1680m, 8400e, 7800w  ex----s15:29:31.40--


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