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Returning player: Class change advice?

KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
I have been away for a long time on this character, that apparently you can RACE SPECIALIZATION to races now. 

About the character: The character is a citizen of Mhaldor, a monk, horkval, and likely was a member of Ebonfist (I think that was the name?), which doesn't exist now. I'm not really digging the whole monk think, and I think I originally chose it for bashing. I've pretty much forgotten all commands, healing and affliction details, and all my items rotted off.

Question: what class do you recommend changing for mostly RP and bashing reasons?

I've never been too huge into PK, mainly due to the frustrating learning curve and ego hit of defeat, but that could change if I got back to coding again (profession).

I am leaning towards Serpent as it seems they aren't terrible at bashing any longer and they've always seemed super interesting.
On alts I've played knights and didn't like it, and Apostates several times (retired toons), but I couldn't keep interest. 

Generally in the past when I've played I've had a problem where I didn't engage myself in the game and sorta played it solo, then got bored and left. I'd like to not repeat that. So as a secondary question, what do you recommend I additional choose/do/mindset to keep engaged with the game and others?
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  • AileaAilea Posts: 134 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Accepted Answer
    I think first you need to find something you are very interested in doing. Such as setting goals for yourself, what kind of areas you want to get involved in within Mhaldor or one of its Houses (Legates/Insidium). This may help further to decide. 

    Such as if you wanted to focus primarly on hunting: I'd suggest Runewarden, Serpent, or Infernal. Particularly if you could not invest in a lot of credits. 

    Bard is also a potential good one, however it would need to be invested more so than those listed above. 

    Apostate is very nice, particularly for combat. It does not have as good as hunting as other classes though, but it is doable. 

    I think you will need to interact more with Mhaldorians as well. It is not meant to be a "solo" city. It is the militant arm city of Lord Sartan that devouts themselves to spreading and teaching Evil in a majority of ways, not simply just through combat. 

    Try it out, approach us in game. Just seems like you have quite the few decisions and waters to be tested for yourself. 

    And of course, welcome back! 


  • KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
    Open to Apostate too, again. I like the RP /feel stuff. So apostate or serpent I'm on the fence with. 
    I'm a cold-blooded Kerir.
  • KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
    Good points and thank you, Ailea. Will get that figured out, suppose I'm asking questions that only I can answer.
    I'm a cold-blooded Kerir.
  • AntidasAntidas Member Posts: 1,504 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I'm far from the hunting expert of Achaea, but I'm pretty sure unartied serpent is still pretty damn weak when it comes to hunting. Artied serpent is overpowered as hell, but unartied...yeah.

  • XadenXaden Member Posts: 2,315 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    if you're all for hunting then dwc or 2h RW. Every minute of the day.

    Unless you have a shit-tonne of defensive arte's, then we're talking Serp vs Bard.

    If it's single combat you're after, and you're new, go Prep (Dec runie for me). If you're a glutton for punishment, then go momentum (serp, alchie, apostate).

    If it's group utility then Runie vs Bard for me (I'm biased).
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  • KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
    Hrm, I did to play knights when I was a player in D&D, although it was always with a shield. Interesting to picture a barbarian type of 2h sword-wielding knight. The idea of smashing a heavy weapon against monsters is attractive. 

    I'll likely need to change race, though, as I'm still a Horkval. I did quit class until I finally decide.
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  • KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
    Antidas said:
    I'm far from the hunting expert of Achaea, but I'm pretty sure unartied serpent is still pretty damn weak when it comes to hunting. Artied serpent is overpowered as hell, but unartied...yeah.
    Thanks, I was going by searching forums. I like the shift from forums being so popular, but leads to stale or incorrect data, I suppose... (or I misread, which is more likely).

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  • TaryiusTaryius Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 818 @ - Epic Achaean
    If you plan on going a knight, I'd highly recommend changing class.
    As a knight you're best defensive ability is fullplate, and as a horkval you won't be able to make use of it. (Horkval resists kinda suck.. They are about equal to ringmail)

    Two handed is super good hunting, fast and pretty tanky. And has some of the easiest PK to get into, if you want. I'd recommend (though maybe I'm a bit biased)

    Unartied Serpent is pretty freakin squishy, not sure how fast it is as I've never tried it out. Wormholes are amazing for getting around, but their PK can be frustrating (If you're a good coder it can take a lot of the load off)

    You're Mhaldor right, so if you're interested in any of the Knight classes you can take on Infernal. Gives you a lot of really cool RP options, and a bunch of utility. (Again.. Might be biased).

    Best I can say is talk to people in game, ask their opinions on their class. Learn a little about the skills and such. 
  • KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for the help!

    Ended up changing race to Troll (love the race, grook is my fave but didn't fit the smash bang picture in my head) and went Infernal.

    Refamiliarizing myself with the game, abilities, lore, and curing... And most importantly what my character is all about. Going on a vacation in Mexico the next couple weeks. I'll get it sorted out and look forward to meeting you all in game... By word or sword ;)

    I'm a cold-blooded Kerir.
  • KerirKerir Member Posts: 23
    And returned to the game a year and a half later, wanting to change class again, heh. 
    I'm a cold-blooded Kerir.
  • AustereAustere TennesseeMember Posts: 2,346 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Kerir said:
    And returned to the game a year and a half later, wanting to change class again, heh. 
    That's what alts and multiclass is for
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