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How do I install Svof?

First time poster, long time lurker. Unfortunately, I've found no solutions poring through forums this time. I downloaded the svof-master.zip from GitHub(not sure if that's correct), but when I import the file nothing shows up. It's displayed in my package manager but there are no scripts. I am using Mudlet 2.1 with Gmcp enabled and Windows 10, if that's helpful. I am admittedly inept at this so any help broken down for a layman wouldn't go amiss. 
I was using Omnipave for awhile, and it was working great. Suddenly it stopped auto sipping and transmuting during combat. I think it's not recognizing that I have elixir balance, but I'm not sure. It quit transmuting my mana also even though transmute is selected in the settings. If I can get either one of these things working I'd be back in business. Any help would be appreciated , thanks.

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