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Show me your house!

AereidhnaAereidhna DallasMember Posts: 682 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
Between all the totems I've been doing for friends in Cyrene lately and reading posts on forums about houses, I've gotten house fever and am about to go on a designing spree. I wanna see your digs. Lofts, manors, cottages, whatever. Feed my addiction!

Here's what I've had up until now, on my ship. Working on a layout for my new subs house.

A peaceful sanctuary.
The scent of salt sea air permeates this tranquil room. A bay window takes up most of the far wall, offering an expansive view of the waves lapping against the side of the ship. Gauzy curtains of pale olive cotton stretch from a bar hanging over the window, a silk sash allowing them to be opened or closed at will. A large window seat covered with pillows provides a comfortable spot for reading or watching the waves. An unfinished driftwood sofa upholstered with soft linen sits against the right wall, with a luxurious moss-coloured blanket stretching across the floor in front. Cream-coloured pillows are strewn over the sofa. A low, wide bed is situated along the left wall. The plush mattress is covered with creamy bamboo sheets, finished with a forest green duvet and comfy pillows of the same hue. To the left of the bed is a small, simple wooden altar. A handcrafted dreamcatcher and a lavender candle rest atop it next to a vase of colourful mokara orchids, the bright, vivid flowers offering a splash of contrast to the otherwise muted tones of the room. The walls, painted a smooth shade of cream, are mostly unadorned but for a solitary work of art. A stretched canvas frame hangs above the bed, depicting an abstract, dreamy mountain landscape.


  • UlaUla Member Posts: 71 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    any chance to share my house, which i am extremely proud of my own parts of, and extremely satisfied with bluef's parts:

    Before an opulent yurt of canvas and silk.
    The stars shine down from the sky above, bathing the arid land beneath their silvery light. Minuscule grains of sand here recede into soft, greenish-blue river grass, dotted with black and purple orchids. Nestled among the fronds, colourful silks are draped over a barely visible structure of curved ash. Peeking out beneath the vibrant fly, thick canvas is embroidered with geometric patterns. Shaping an entryway, moulded birch logs form concentric shapes that converge at the apex into a perfect sphere, curving into an arch upon which the woolen tent flap may be tied off to each side to welcome visitors and the cool, river breeze inside. Hedging the movable palace is a low wall of river rock. Shallow-rooted plants grow along its surface and a small, wooden gate permits entry through the interlocking stones. Lying flat on the ground is a key-shaped sigil. A tribal totem has been implanted in the ground.
    Within a tranquil canvas and silk tent (indoors).
    Great fractal patterns effuse across the canvas interior of this opulent yurt. Awash in their dark blue, deep red, and verdant hues, the interior is dimly lit but comfortably soothing as the dusky shades of natural light filter through the birch latticework frame and fabric overlays. River grass underfoot has been covered with dark, wooden boards. Woven tapestries of a myriad of hues are spread atop their knotty surfaces. Several silk-covered pillows spill across the rugs, encircling a low, oval table. Strong scents of incense and tabac linger in the air, offering a sweet, balmy aroma and an invitation to respite. A tribal totem has been implanted in the ground. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Lying flat on the ground is a key-shaped sigil. A dark scarlet cherrywood couch with a covering of bold indigo linen is here.

    i love that canvas dreamscape, may do something similar when i expand to include a bedroom.

  • LelielLeliel Member Posts: 170 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    I feel like a weirdo now.

    An enchanting indoor forest (indoors).

       Upon stepping through the doorway, the immediate reaction of most is mute surprise.

     The room is more expansive than one would expect, and indeed does not look much like 

    a room at all. The space is a paper forest, fragments of hymns and sonnets stretching 

    upward and breaking into branches as far as the eye can see, the walls distinguished 

    only by a lack of lettering. The room shines with a soft glow, the layered paper bark 

    of the slim trees emitting its own quiet light. The faint scent of dusty tomes and 

    damp, rich ink permeates the air, creating a feeling of silent contentment. The only 

    splash of colour in the forest is a vibrant red blanket nestled in the hollow of a 

    poem-tree's roots, piled high with cushions and blankets into a childish nest, a few 

    stray feathers evidencing its frequent occupation. One can almost imagine running 

    their fingers curiously over the branch nearest them, trails of ink etched in words 

    of love and longing clinging to their skin. The flash of dull metal catches your eye 

    as a clockwork raven resettles on his perch; turning, you note that the door seems to 

    be the only tangible structure in the dreamlike room, its wood inscribed with the 

    charred image of the Creator tarot surrounded by smaller depictions of each of the 

    twelve major arcana, a clear homage to the complex illusions tied into each nuance of 

    the owner's vision seen in physical form.

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