Tennessee - Skydiving?

Alright, so I was looking at groupon and they have pretty decent tandem skydiving packages in Chattanooga. But none of my friends here are willing to jump out of a plane with me. So I'm posting here and seeing if any of you in the general vicinity want to meet up and then plummet toward the earth for a while.

I've only ever been once, and that was a static line jump from only around 3300 feet. Would be fun to do a real jump.


  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    edited June 2015
    Let me get this straight: You want me to spend my day off, spending money, so I can jump out of a perfectly good airplane? I feel like, with my luck,  I am better off sitting at home and working on house reqs. Blood pressure is already too darn high. 

    Edit: in all seriousness, what's the place called where you do this? 
  • DeucalionDeucalion The Garden of the Gods
    Sorry, Longstate is Long. Chattanooga is too far away. Also I don't feel like dying. 
  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
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    I've been meaning to cross this off the bucket list for a while, but you caught me right before my final, student-loan-funded semester. Probably not in the cards this year. =(

    I live about 10 minutes from the airport, though, so I'd meet up with you afterward and you could brag all about it.
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  • I like planes to much to abandon one.
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