Current State of Shaman (Combat and Hunting)

So as a lot of you know I'm one of your many serial class changers. I've changed classes many times. Over 10+ easily. Being artied and tri trans in all of them except for alchemist. I recently went monk and its nothing like I remember. The denizen damage changes and the new limb damage leaves a lot to be desired. I love Ashtan and I love the people in Ashtan, but I've played every class Ashtan allows.... except for Shaman. I have yet to find a class I'm happy with. I always think I'll enjoy a class and learn that I will not when its far too late and I've spent way too much. So with that being said I will for once do the smart thing and ask about the current state of Shaman. I know inflame can make for some nice kills in groups and that the affliction rate is insane for 1v1. How is the hunting? And does anyone have any advice if I were to go Shaman? What stats/traits should I be pushing for? Any advice at all will be appreciated. 


  • If you're going to hunt go Con/Int in my opinion. Traits for hunting, um...maybe nimble, robust, and whatever else you want.
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    Achimrst said:
    If you're going to hunt go Con/Int in my opinion. Traits for hunting, um...maybe nimble, robust, and whatever else you want. 

    Con/int? How its the hunting in itself? On par with most other classes? Honestly monk felt below serpent after their damage changes to denizens. 
  • Um, well the only classes I can compare to are Sylvan and it's not as tanky but it feels faster. Probably because swiftcurse which is soooooooooooooooooooooo much more easier now.

    Yes Con/Int, con so you can take more damage from denizens without dying I guess all I know is it helps a ton and intellect because bleed isn't that strong without it. More intellect the faster you kill them, more con the less you have to touch shield or run from the room before they die.

    The hunting is very different depending on WP regen, if you have a low amount of WP regen you can hunt a couple areas run out of WP and then meditate it back and give yourself a break. This is one of the biggest reasons I like shaman hunting because I can't just hunt constantly like when I was a Sylvan.

    If you have high WP regen you can just hunt for longer periods and when you run out of WP you have a lot less time waiting for it to regenerate and in some cases it will regenerate while you run from area to area. Especially if you only kill certain things in every area, which I have totally seen people doing.

    Yet in most cases I find that if I just hunt until I run out of WP I gain at least 4% xp if that helps? No idea what other classes do in whatever amount of time it would take for a shaman to run out of WP.
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