Hunting Area For A Level 50



  • These places, give me dem.
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    I'm not overly fussed about keeping places secret, especially since you can slaughter basically anything in the game. Genji can be decent around the level 60-70 range, and can be done with manticores.

    I hear Arcadia is pretty awesome for bashing as well. I wouldn't know first hand though.

    People that explore will end up finding their own fave spots. Most just doing the same grind will likely do the same over hunted areas.

    I consider myself lucky if I can get a clear of Dun Valley Barony, because I swear Darogan lives there permanently. :P
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  • I circled manara from level 21 to level 78. I still circle manara sometimes. It's probably the best place for xp because you have very little chance of dying. 
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  • That's pretty much why I stick to Manara. Best bashing time for me is after I get back from work and am very tired. Low-risk works!
  • As a monk, Xli suffers from endurance drain, so Manara doesn't really offer good enough experience per mob. I try to bash the less bashed places. I would tell you where they are, but then they wouldn't be less bashed!
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  • Manara as people said and then upper Azdun Dungeon. When you feel tankier you can kill the Mingruk slaves in manara too, they're often better experience than the gnolls themselves.
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