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We have the combat forum that pertains to this partially, but instead of firing off individual classleads it'd be nice to have a place to collaborate with our classmates etc.
The reason I don't see the combat forum working is that even if you make 1 thread per class, they'd get bumped around and everything, and not be visible during the off-season when classleads aren't in session, resulting in repeat topics being created.

I propose a sub-forum in Combat for classes/classleads, a thread created by admin for each class, possibly alphabetized, not allowing the creation of new topics.
Alternately just pin the class topics.

It would serve a different purpose from the Dais because the ideas aren't directed at admins for "immediate" change but more of a think tank to iron out classlead report ideas. And it wouldn't bar the admin from implementing shot-down ideas without a classlead submission either.
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  • I'm just full of bad ideas. I'm sure if I spewed out every idea I thought was good the admin would have one hell of a time trying to close out all my threads. I'd say keep it as it is, every now and again someone comes up with an idea that is well thought out and deserves a little bit of discussion behind it. I see this sub forum to be a huge floodgate to bad ideas that the admin would have to sift through. I do like the idea, but I don't think it would be overly useful and could just be more of a headache then it's worth.
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