SVO Curing Problem?



  • Citrus said:
    You can call me a pompous pendant for correcting you..

    ..or say 'thank you', as your mother probably taught you to do as a young child.

    If you have ever traveled to a foreign country and attempted to communicate with people in a language that is not your native tongue, you should understand that people who point out mistakes like that are actually doing you a favor and not doing it to make fun of you or to be pedantic. It is no different to me being new to Achaea and having fellow players correct me when I make a statement that shows my ignorance of a given ability or class mechanic, etc. etc.

    edit: Also, your log shows your curing system refer to itself as (Svo), so I have to wonder wherefrom you came upon the idea to write it as an acronym in the first place. Second also: there are lots of players for whom English is not a first language. There is no reason to add further confusion to things by haphazardly capitalizing things that ought naught be capitalized.
    My mother did teach me to say thank you, to those that deserve it. Not to pompous jerks that have to correct every period, comma, or grammatical error to make themselves feel/look better.
    Comma after 'you' is unnecessary. :P
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