[Mudlet] Room Inventory Console

@Jonathin, This is a room inv script I set up mostly because I hated not being able to see what is around when when I'm following someone. It works well with all items and denizens appearing and disappearing as they should.

The console placement code is hard coded into the bottom left corner and you have to change it in the main setup script and in the window re-size event script, I don't like it but I haven't had time to make a more reliable and user friendly was of adjusting the console window. If someone else wants to fix that then I'll update it.




  • I want to use this, but I can't figure out what I need to change to move it on the screen where I want it. It currently sits in the middle of the screen covering up the main window. I know I need to change things in the main setup script, and the window re-size event, but none of the variables in both are the same? Any chance someone could explain it better for me as I am pretty new to Mudlet.
  • Actually JUST figured it out myself! Thanks for the script!
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  • KatzchenKatzchen Mhaldor
    This script is great for hunting, much easier to see when a denizen walks in, than the enter line in the spam.

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    I just remembered that there is a bug in the current version with items not getting removed as they should. It's from a recent GMCP change.

    Just need to update this line in removeRoomItems
    itemKey = gmcp.Char.Items.Remove.item.id
    adding the .id to the end.

    I'll update the download now as well.

    ETA: Download has been updated with the fixed version.
  • Kantu said:
    Actually JUST figured it out myself! Thanks for the script!
    Hi. I'm totally new to MUDs and Mudlet and am trying to figure out how to  reposition this as well. Any help would be most appreciated.
  • Nevermind. Got some help on irc. All better.
  • I'm hoping to migrate this onto Geyser at some point and that will make it's positioning much easier to tweak and less prone to breaking. I'm also going to add support for custom highlighting for items based on either regex or on the GMCP tags so that anyone using this can then add their own highlights or even prefixes to each item.
  • TitonusTitonus Youngstown, Ohio
    if you use echoLink() 's, you can make it clickable.

  • You can also use fg/bg before echoLink, and tell echoLink to keep the current cursor format, to colour your links.
  • Anyway to make this hide() and show()??

  • roomListContainer:hide()



  • Does anyone know how to do something like this with a list of players? Or have a script they'd be willing to share to do it?

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