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  • TvistorTvistor Member Posts: 2,900 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I think it's a great idea, should add it to SVO and distribute it to everyone I fight.

    But seriously that's a terrible, terrible idea.
  • IocunIocun Member Posts: 3,691 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Yeah. You should only do that if you have a spare tree tattoo. I have eight.
  • SohlSohl Member Posts: 569 @ - Epic Achaean
    edited February 2013
    This isn't nearly the game-changer it's being made out to be. I don't believe AI checks like these were ever meant to exist, and this brings illusions in line with what they should be. Good curing is a matter of intelligent priorities, not making your character jump like Tyrone Biggums every time you get a paralysis line. Oregano has never used active AI checks, and is almost as hard a system to lock as any can be.
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  • JhuiJhui Member Posts: 1,958 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Cooper said:
    Jhui said:
    I agree it's a huge game-changer.  But I will say this.

    Worst case scenario:  You have kalmia and (maybe) paralysis.  You get herb-balance back just before you get balance back, so you eat kelp.  You are only paralyzed for 1.5 seconds with bal/eq BUT you have cured another affliction (kalmia) that you had previously.  people are paralyzed for 1.5 seconds while on-bal/eq these days anyways, based on the way people whore curare, so I see no real harsh side effects.

    Best case scenario:  Say you have kalmia, sens, and (maybe) paral and you have just gotten herb balance back, and you are going to get balance back in 1.5 seconds.  Instead of eating bloodroot, you eat kelp. Then on balance, you immediately check AI for paral and see you don't really have it, then you get herb balance back and eat kelp again and waste nothing.

    You realize that if you waste that ~1s+ of sitting off eq/bal to check and see if you actually have paralysis, you will fall so freaking far behind in curing against anyone who knows what they are doing that you aren't ever going to recover without playing 1000% defense, right?

    The alternative is to waste every herb balance curing (maybe) paralysis, though.  This will get you even further behind in curing, would it not?  Obviously, this can be adapted to cure only higher priority afflicts instead of say, eating ginseng to cure euphorbia when you might have paralysis.

    If it is for sure paralysis, go ahead and eat bloodroot.  Dstabs are 3 lines, so that is for sure.

  • TerraTerra Member Posts: 676 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    edited February 2013

    These types of illusions used to work all the time and serpents still lost plenty of fights. In fact, most serpents were as terrible at the time as they are now.

    You can counter paralysis illusions by changing priorities, shielding, hiding behind rebounding at times, etc. Given all of the ways to halt serpent attacks (as opposed to, say, apostate), serpent kinda needs things like this to be competitive (particularly unartied).

    And like Sohl (I think?) said, some systems never paralysis symptom checked to begin with and plenty of people used them and won fights against serpents!

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,132 @ - Epic Achaean
    For sure, at top-tier, esp. with lifevision and passive hinders, people manualling priorities and doing the defensive work, it don't be that big of a problem.

    For midbies though, this'll make some ego-tastic serpents pretty happy that they'll be able to put down someone even quicker.
  • ManixManix Member Posts: 29 ✭✭ - Stalwart
    edited February 2013
    A paralysis illusion working is not a sure win for any serpent. A serpent winning with a paralysis illusion is probably one that would have been able to beat you for the defensive (or lack-thereof in the case of those who get locked) reasons several others have listed anyway, and so what if a serpent that knows how to beat your system manages to defeat you. That's the entire point of being a serpent! It's really not a big deal that some midbies may now lose because they relied on their system too hard, it's a learning experience. =)
  • JhuiJhui Member Posts: 1,958 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Jarrel said:
    really isnt that much of a game changer :/
    more likes for Jarrel?  I am disappointed.  I went into detail and he didn't.  Damn you for being serpent longer :(
  • JarrelJarrel Member Posts: 170 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    The better man (or should I say serp) won, no shame in it. :D


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