Looking for RP Roots

Hello, Achaeans!

I'm looking to get back into mudding after many years away. I played Achaea in my early teen years, and then moved onto other IRE properties for the bulk of my mud play. I retired many of my characters looking to start afresh in Starmourn, only to have life rear up and demand my time.

With the transition to legacy, I find myself less interested in dusting off the Starmourn character I was forced to abandon, and thought perhaps I might come back to the game that started my IRE mud journey. My longest, and most fun character was in Aetolia, and I think the reason I had the most fun there was because I didn't create a character blindly and just fly by the seat of my pants. I responded to a forum post searching for a player to embody the son of an existing character and her husband, and what followed was many years of fun and friendship.

I'm hoping to recreate a similar experience in Achaea!

So, if you're interested in a new addition to your textual family, please reply here or message me on the official Discord and we can discuss character background, family ties, history, and a general idea of what we both hope to get out of this experience! We can plan everything out while you do whatever necessary IC RP needs to happen before my character can officially show up.

NB: I'm looking for roleplay connections and a feasible character history, not credits or lessons or whatever. I will purchase something to guarantee the character isn't deleted, but otherwise, my main interest is RP and related fun, not omnitransing and buying one of everything in the shop.

p.s. please don't view Zoric as any sort of signifier as to my ability to play a meaningful character, I made him when I was a kid. Anyone who might have made a real impact was retired when I moved to Starmourn.

TL;DR - looking for an established character / family to be 'born' into before I create a new character here.


  • I think this is a great idea. We need to stop the trend of Jack's character blood lining every Siren in Achaea and fathering children with her with minimal parental investment until we all become his cousin.

    A male voice is heard through the membrane, "Hey, girl."

    A male voice is heard through the membrane, "Are you an Apostate? ..because you just tore my heart out."

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