[SVOF-NDB] Undead facition highlighting

Here are a few changes you can implement so the Undead now exist as a faction in the name database for Svof.

Find a trigger named : NameDB qw
Find and replace the 'local city_colours' table with this

local city_colours = {
  ["0,255,0"] = "Eleusis",
  ["0,128,128"] = "Cyrene",
  ["255,0,0"] = "Mhaldor",
  ["128,128,0"] = "Hashan",
  ["128,0,128"] = "Ashtan",
  ["255,255,255"] = "Targossas",
  ["128,0,0"] = "Undead"

Find a script named : ndb.valid
add "Undead" to the list of nbd.valid.cities so it looks like this

ndb.valid.cities = {
  "Ashtan", "Cyrene", "Hashan", "Eleusis", "Mhaldor", "Targossas", "Undead"

Find a script named : ndb main code
add the following line to the tables of 'local singular_city' and 'local plural_city'

Undead = 'Undead',

This should allow you to see Undead as a faction when usng 'vconfig politics'. HIghlight, underline, ignore. Customise as you wish.



  • In the same ndb main code as local singular_city, you can add a function for ndb.isundead, in line with the ones that exist for the other cities.

    function ndb.isundead(name)
      return #(db:fetch(ndb.db.people, {db:eq(ndb.db.people.city, 'Undead'), db:eq(ndb.db.people.name, name)})) ~= 0

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