Darroth's autobiography is gold (I was 14-15 I believe)

Please excuse the grammar/spelling. I think any old players will especially love this. 

You read what is written on a sparkling midnight blue journal:
(Page 8)
By: Darroth Vallah
I was born a rajamala in Mhaldor to High Lord August
Vallah and Deeva Rian. There, my father bred me to become a Maldaathi
knight like himself. I lived there until the age of 30, hunting and
killing anyone who obstructed my path. My bloodlust was never quenched,
no matter how many people I murdered. In the Maldaathi, I trained my
body and mind to endure whatever pain awaited me on the battlefield,
nearly destroying all feelings of the human mind. It wasn't until I met
a certain person that I could be freed and cleansed of this evil lust
for death. When I first came across this individual, I was rampaging
through Shallam on the streets of Zanzibaar looking to up my kill-count.
As I raised my sword to slice this man to ribbons, I was transfixed by
the glazed, undaunted look in his eyes. It left me flustered that this
man did not show any sort of primordial fear for death, only a calming
sense of repose surrounding him. Before this encounter, I could smell
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and taste the fear in my victims when they knew the certainty of the
bloodshed that awaited them. Confused by this experience, I left wounded
to gather my thoughts back home in Mhaldor. There, I thought of
everything: my ideals, my family, my House, my city, and the Gods that I
prayed to. During this period, I conversed with the individual that left
me puzzled on the streets of Shallam. With his words he awakened my mind
to the sins and crimes I had committed, slowly changing my outlook on
this world in which we lived. Awoken by his words, I left Mhaldor and
the Maldaathi and sought refuge in Shallam. I was taken in by this man,
the Sultan at the time, Sir Alban Stormcrow.
As a result of my decision, I was cast out of the Vallah clan by my own
father - something that to this day pains my soul. Also, as is common
for traitors to the city of Evil, I was hunted down by Mhaldorians for
my betrayal. I used the last of my Necromancy to brush aside their
pitiful attempts to defeat me. As their failed attacks slowed, I was
approached by a man named Rangor Corten, the mortal symbol of Eleusis.
He began talking with me about joining the Sentinels of Nature and the
village of Eleusis, both of which piqued my interest. After some
discussion, I joined both and rose through the ranks of the Sentinels,
eventually earning the rank of Guardian, the most prestigious title a
Sentinel could wear in the field of combat. I became an ally of Shallam
shortly after joining the House, around the age of 32. During my
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citizenship in Eleusis, Lady Artemis, Goddess of the Cataclysm, was
awakened. I was immediately interested in joining the Lady's order, and
I was inducted as an original member. There, I found the family that I
lost in the Vallah clan. The Anachaine we were called, the tribe was the
family I'd have been searching for since my ousting. I called Eleusis my
home for a long period of time, but I knew deep inside that my heart
longed for its true, destined home in the grand city of Shallam. I spoke
with the leader of the House and he granted me permission to quit the
Sentinels, so I left to become a citizen of Shallam.
As a long time ally of their city, my induction into the city was a
smooth transition, and I soon joined the ranks of the Guardians, the
Templars of today. My heart felt resolve at this new undertaking, as I
had finally found my true home. In time, with the help of my mentor Sir
Silas Maynard - Shallam's newly crowned Sultan, I eventually ascended to
the noble rank of Knight within the Guardians, something I look back on
with a great sense of pride and honour. While living in Shallam, I had a
change of heart. As faith dwindled in my Goddesses, Her prolonged
absence only pressured me more to leave. At the time, I was influenced
by fellow minds that Lord Pentharian would be a better choice for me.
With that motivation, I left Lady Artemis's order and sought entrance
into Lord Pentharian's. As usual with Shallam, there was much conflict
and aniomosity within the city. The Sultan, the Gods and the Council
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were constantly arguing about where the city should go. It eventually
reached boiling point, and the Sultan and a group of citizens, mostly
soldiers in effect, left the city, myelf included.
As a new rogue without a home, I thought to myself that I could return
to Eleusis for the time being. There, I became a monk and learned the
ways of the mind, body and spirit. I honed my combat prowess under the
guidance of Spire Corten, a longstanding friend and comrade on the
battlefield. As a Sentinel again, I was appointed Head of the War
department. During this time, we re-raised our Icon, the Stag Crown,
that had fallen previously to the forces of Evil. We supplied ourselves
and trained for the inevitable clash on Nishnatoba. With help from
Shallam and the remnants of the Qashar, we fought against the forces of
Mhaldor, Ashtan and Hashan. With perseverance and critical strategy, we
eventually destroyed all of Mhaldor's Icons, leaving their city
demoralized. Justice served, the cities rejoiced together for the sweet
sense of victory that is savoured to this day.
But it wasn't the end; our enemies in Ashtan still held to their Icons.
Until, led by Dannyl Manyard, Shallam's Minister of War and the former
leader of Qashar, Ovid al-Aqsa, Shallam brought them crashing down. As
is the nature of Sapience, the tides have turned once in the favour of
the Light. However, during this war, much misunderstanding and trust
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began to brew between myself and my House Leader, Rangor Corten.
Eleusis's leadership was growing corrupt and weak, and I had been
contemplating taking my leave from the village and the House well before
the Icon wars. As I knew from the beginning, Shallam was my rightful and
correct home. So, once more, I left the same city and house to re-claim
my natural place in the city of Shallam. I now call the Sentaari my
brothers, and find myself in a city and House I expect to stay in


  • That was a great read bro, cheers. Brought back some cool memories. 
    "Don't expect anything of yourself, and do what you know" - Legate Medi
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