Returning player questions

I decided on a whim to connect to Achaea again for the first time in years. My previous experience on this character was that it was very difficult at the time to get anyone to interact with me at all, and I spent most of the time just learning my class, and hunting.

Luckily, this time around, I did find that the head of novices in my house was around and spoke with me and it inspired me to want to give things another shot.

My question is, being someone who has played all the other Iron Realms games, and is used to things like AREAS showing you what level range they are, and things of that there any kind of helpfile, forum post, or anything else that tells you where a good place to hunt for your level is?

I feel as though if I can get back into the swing of things and create my own gold income and such, and have fun, it may inspire me to login regularly again, and take it from there. Thanks!


  • Use the AREAS command to show areas appropriate for your level, and if you find the areas listed too easy or hard, you can adjust the output with AREAS <level#> to show areas suitable for that level. (So if you are level 40 and the areas listed are too difficult, use AREAS 30 to show areas for level 30 players.)
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