Yet Another Monk Artefact

I used to play back in 2018, got up to level 70 before I had to leave. Now that I have more time and wish to return I find that I've forgotten just about everything. So I've decided to retire my previous character and roll over the credits into a new Monk. I'll have around 1k credits to play with and I never really was all that knowledgeable when it came to artefacts to begin with. I think before I had a crit pendant, a art vial, and possibly an art tattoo. Oh and some figurines I can't remember what to do with haha.

Are there any suggestions on what I should look into upon my return? My primary focus is on bashing as I re-learn the game and get to know the new character, as PVP scares the bejesus outta me.

Sorry if you've all grown tired of the artefact(s) question haha.
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