Nexus GMCP help - pulling battlerage value

Hello! I am trying to use GMCP code to pull my rage values so that I can make a variable that can be used in the simplified nexus scripting system (the final goal is to create an automatic battlerage system that doesn't require that my battlerage msgs be turned on - i.e. using triggers based on the text). Based on this documentation and this example , this is what I came up with.

if (args.gmcp_method == "Char.Vitals") 
   rage = args.gmcp_args.rage;
    client.set_variable('rage', rage);

but my rage variable remains "undefined" during combat. I imagine something is off with my syntax? The documentation isn't exactly clear what I need to put after args.gmcp_args. in order to pull my rage value. Also, changing the variable I am trying to create to a different name doesn't help.

Let me know if you have any pointers, or need more information in order to troubleshoot. Thanks!

(p.s. If I can get this variable to function correctly, I intend on sharing my final product! It should only require this little bit of GMCP but otherwise only use the simplified scripting)


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