Use of Trees and Flight?

Relatively new to Achaea, and I've noticed some classes or races have the ability to either fly into the skies or swing up into the trees. Is there any use of that?
The only thing I can possibly think of is to lose someone following you, or maybe escape engagements, but barring the Serpent's Noose ability in Subterfuge, I can't possibly think of any other uses. As someone who prefers to avoid PvP, I'm not sure having that ability would be the most useful.

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    Hello Vedinthur,

    There are some uses for swinging into trees. 

    One example: Mhaldor used to raid quite often when I was minister of war in Cyrene and they loved to go to the gardens and lay down a lot of gravehands everywhere. Valid strategy and often frustrating to deal with. I sometimes got around them by having my group follow me into the trees and just climbing down on top of their group after walking to their room. 

    Flying on the other hand is much more universally useful.
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