Rate Limiting

Hello everybody,

I've noticed a bunch of us are occasionally super excited for announcing
something on party and kind of end up spamming the heck out of it. Like,
blocking, has prismatic barrier!, or even just wanting somebody
burnt real crisp and toasty XD

Here's a rate limiter script to avoid repeating stuff before a defined
interval has passed. The default is 1 second but feel free to add more
definitions to the rateLimiter.interval table.

Script: rateLimiter
rateLimiter = rateLimiter or {}
rateLimiter.last = rateLimiter.last or {}

rateLimiter.interval = {
    default = 1.0,
    blocking = 0.3,

rateLimiter.myTime = function()
    local time = getTime()
    local seconds = time.hour*3600 + time.min * 60 + time.sec + time.msec/1000
    return seconds

rateLimiter.Tried = function(action)
    local currenttime = rateLimiter.myTime()
    rateLimiter.last[action] = currenttime

rateLimiter.CanTry = function(action)
    local currenttime = rateLimiter.myTime()
    local interval = rateLimiter.interval[action]
    if not(rateLimiter.last[action]) then
        rateLimiter.last[action] = 0
    if not(interval) then
        interval = rateLimiter.interval.default

    return (currenttime - rateLimiter.last[action]) > interval

How to use:

In your trigger/alias where you want to rate limit something, a pattern
like this applies:

if CanTry("pt-announce-prismatic") then
    send("PT Santar has prismatic barrier!")

So just wrap anything you need rate limited in a CanTry()..Tried() block
and you're good to go! I hope this is useful, let there be less spam :-)



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