Several combat problems

For a long time now, I've considered  picking up a secondary class. I have had several ideas of which class to choose from,  such as paladin, bard, magi, and runewarden. The problem with this is the fact a limb counter seems to be necissary in order to make things work.
  As a visually impaired player, i rely off the use of  mush client. I have know idea how to code, however, let alone make any kind of counter that could say, tell me when something is about to break. I've attempted to speak about these issues on the vip clan within the game, but it seems to be vacant of any mush users. If anyone here has used mush in the past with coding experience, could you please reach out to me? I have been struggling with this issue across several characters with little success. I have only ever had luck with momentum classes, which isn't much. Right now, I am finally able to play a serpent some what well.
  Furthermore, I have had huge problems when it comes to chasing people. When I am fighting one of my citymates in an arena, the only way I am able to get back to them is by walking to them. Other then that, though, there is no such luck. This has resulted in me relying perhaps a little too much on airlord since it has lightning, a quick way to get back to someone. I can track people with farsee, but I don't have a way to quickly run to the room my opponent is in.
  Both of the problems have inhibited what classes I am able to play. If there is someone that could help me in solving  either, I'd be immensely greatful.
Thanks for reading


  • I hope someone got with you and helped you work out a solution.
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