Nexus MXP Book Index

It won't go on my dev resume, but I've really been enjoying MXP scripts in Nexus lately.

Reflex Pattern:
(journal|book|manuscript)(\d+) #(\d+)
First action is Execute script:
set_variable('tempReadCommand', 'READ ' + args[1] + '' + args[2] + ' PAGE ' + args[3]);
Second action is Linkify the Variable `@tempReadCommand`

Example setup:

Usage: When the reflex sees text matching something like `book123 #45`, it creates an MXP link to `READ BOOK123 PAGE 45`. I use this to create tables of contents in my journals without writing pages that look OOC.



  • Does nexus support template literals? If so, this would be easier to read:
    `READ ${args[1]}${args[2]} PAGE ${args[3]}`

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