I've unlocked the mysteries of the Achaean universe! Tarot is the story of Life and Creation!

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So in my boredom, I've mucked around a bit with Achaea's months, constellations, and Tarot.

Tarot, in real life, was given a lot of esoteric correspondences, most notably by the Golden Dawn (Arthur Waite, Aleister Crowley, Samuel Mathers, etc.).

So, what if we tried that same esoteric approach of tying Tarot symbolism, numerology, etc. to Achaean lore?

Real life Tarot has 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana, and 56 Minor Arcana. In Achaea, there are only 21 Tarot cards, and they are not "numbered", unless we assign numbers to them based on AB TAROT.

Here's what I came up with:


In the Beginning - Creation, the Triumvirate

1: Sun (Ayar, Proteus, Sarapis)

(Corresponds to: 13: Creator, and 18: The Universe)

Numerologically, 13 (The Creator) is 1+3=4, which corresponds with Lorielan (4, Priestess), Who was loved by Proteus. The Universe as 18 (1+8=9) also corresponds with The Lovers.

  • 4 (Priestess) + 9 (Lovers) = 13 (Creator)
  • 13 (Creator) + Priestess (4) = 17 (Lust)
  • 17 (Lust) + 1 (Sun) = 18 (Universe)
  • 13 (Creator) + 18 (Universe) = 31 (3+1) = 4 (Priestess)

--The Triumvirate--

2: Emperor (Khalas, the Wanderer)

3: Magician (Agatheis, God of Elements)

4: Priestess (Lorielan, Goddess of Knowledge)

Here we see the Triumvirate as below the Creator (Ayar), who split himself into Proteus, then later merged to become Sarapis.


The Mortal Journey:

5: Fool = Mortalkind itself, as we embark upon our adventures. The Fool is like a newborn adventurer, full of wonderment and potential. Yet we are not Gods, and those who seek to challenge the Gods will 

Of interesting note, Khalas foolishly challenged The Creator. Khalas’ statue was discovered in the year 175AF (1+7+5 = 13, The Creator), as a reminder of the folly of challenging The Creator. These numbers (175) bear some significance:

1 (The Sun, the Creator) - 7 (The Hermit, Death) - 5 (Fool). Interpreted literally, the number 175 reminds us that Fools who challenge The Creator shall meet their Death.

6: Chariot: Our journey through life itself, the Fool behind the reigns.

7: Hermit: The end of our mortal life, when we meet Death. The Hermit is a symbol of the recluse, as Lord Thoth, the God of Death is reclusive in His realm. The Vulture is our 33rd constellation in the sky. 

33, the 3rd Card of the Mortal Journey, x 3.

7 x 3 = 21 (Death).


That's about as far as I got, because dear god, real life mystics spent their entire lives coming up with this stuff. But I think this blueprint would be a fun roleplaying device if anyone wanted to take it and run with it.


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