Quick Runewarden Stats question

I'm aware that I should be orienting my stats towards strength and constitution, but are there notable baselines that I need to hit? I'm a dual-cutting Xoran, and I have the option to either spec for Strength or Con at this point. I intend to explore combat soon, and I wanted to know before I make a commitment towards any specialization or traits. The way that I'm reading it, I could easily go for something balanced around 16 str and 15 con or vice versa before the boost from fury.


  • Hi Etzek!

    You're going to get different answers from different people with reasonable justification.

    For group combat you're going to want a mix of both strength and constitution.

    For 1v1 you need a strength focus. Your main kill will be disembowel and you need good strength to ensure that kills someone. Top PKers will have 22 strength with fury. You will be able to kill people around your same might/level with around 18 strength. As you increase your own level/combat skill you will want to increase your strength since your opponents will survive more damage. To kill artefacted people you'll need 19+.

    For bashing you will want enough constitution to survive the appropriate areas for your level. Strength will increase the damage you do but health and surviving are your priority here.

    I'd suggest to keep bashing/questing/doing house and city tasks until you're level 80. At level 80 you get a very large boost of health and that will allow you to get into the combat scene.

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