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Greetings everyone! My girlfriend and I are getting back into the game after a long time away. She's a bit of a lurker, so I of course offered to ask this questions to those of you who would be more knowledgeable on the subject. She is looking to upgrade her already extensive set of artifacts with an eye for getting into pvp. She is a tekura-based monk, and she is already trans her class skills and avoidance.

She currently has (Yes, I know it's a lot!):

level 3 crit pendant, level 3 armband, level 3 knuckles, level 3 con belt, level 3 str gauntlets, level 3 dex boots, level 2 health regen, level 2 mana regen, level 3 bracelet, level 3 health/mana sip rings, an intellect crown, an aldar talisman, lvl 3 collar, lvl 2 willpower regen, sycophantic cape, anklets of dash/celerity, and a black headband.

My initial thought is that she could either look at some utility movement arties like wings, but she was considering getting some artifact tattoos or more convenience items. What do you all think?


  • There are way too many artefacts that can help monk to be completely truthful.

    Artie tree is nice always though. Wings help but aren't super necessary, though if she's getting into PVP it'll help with chasing people. Dashing and Celerity might be enough for that though.

    The kit she has looks alright to me, I've got the same plus a few extra things but nothing that really makes a huge difference.

    For reference:


       a pair of Logosian Bracelets

     a pair of Logosian Gauntlets 

      a golden band of Draconic vigour

     a silver lotus blossom pin              (Monk Tekura/Shikudo swap reskinned)

      a pair of eagle's wings 

      a Hood of the Sphinx

      a Collar of Agatheis

      a ring of flying

      a Brooch of the Tempest

      an Amulet of Determination

      a ring of Lucretian clarity

      a Belt of Aegis

      a ring of endurance

      a pair of caestus-style knuckles        (spiked knuckles)

      a Sash of Wisdom

      a buckawn's amulet 

      a fire pendant 

      Ethereal Boots

      an Aldar talisman

      a steel armband of the Fist

      a Draconic Band of Mind Distension

      a Ceylonese ring

      a Gem of Rapid Transmutation


    Not saying this is the end all be all, but this is what I work with.


  • It looks like she's at a point where she just needs to start pvping and get a sense of what is "missing". Draqoom is right in that there are so many artefacts that monk can benefit from it can be hard to make decisions. I'll leave some suggestions, anyway.

    I wouldn't go crazy with artie tattoos yet (tree and maybe shield to start).

    I think gem and grimoire are great for monk because you have a lot of stat and trait options for both PvP and PvE. Seems she's oddly missing lvl 3 int or maybe you forgot to write it. Definitely way more impactful than level 3 dex (which is virtually a waste imo).

    Movement is really nice for just everything, so I do think wings are pretty good.

    Mini skills and trans tattoos also need to be considered if she doesn't have that.

    Again, there's no need to rush to get anything when she can take some time to see what she needs.

    My list of artefacts for further comparison:

    spiked knuckles                         

    an ornately carved ivory pipe       (pipes are universally good)    

    a pair of atavian wings                (I got them for free, eagles are probably good enough)

    a long, elegant ebony pipe              

    a Belt of Aegis                         

    a sycophantic shoulder cape             

    a Gem of Transmutation                  

    a Sash of Wisdom                        

    a Ceylonese ring                                           

    an Aldar talisman                       

    a synaptic lock                         

    a polished marble pipe                 

    chitin greaves                          


    an experimenter's grimoire     

    a Stygian pendant                      

    an enchanted pebble                     

    a pair of Logosian Bracelets            

    a Collar of Ceylon                      

    a ring of flying                      (Also just universally good)

    Gauntlets of the Aldar                  

    Vakha's bribe                        

  • She has everything she needs to succeed in monk PvP assuming she has the intelligence artefact.

    Not having wings at that level of arties is a travesty.

    Artefact armor is probably the next big item. This is more of a PvE thing though. Level 2 rondel, both critical hit paragons, and the SoA paragon.

    If she isn't trans most of her other skills that would also be good. Survival and vision are important for PK, and having trans miniskills give you good all around damage reduction.

    She has the arties to transition between int and tek monk, a gem of transmutation/grimoire would give her the option of changing between int/tek.

  • Adding the pebble that gets you to and from Meropis if she doesn't have that.

  • Thank you all for the feedback. We are going to look over all the suggestions and make a plan based on it! Cheers!

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