Group Combat

So pretty new to Achaea. One thing I have noticed is in group combat the go to tactic is for everyone to focus down one target. Is there anything to prevent one person from being targeted by the entire enemy team? I come from a world that had a skill called POSITIONING and it would allow only so many people to attack you based off how many exits the room had in it. Not sure if this would or wouldn't be a popular idea but it really helped out group combat where I came some it wasn't just target switch burst, target switch burst. Maybe this should be in a suggestion field but I couldn't find that in the drop down tab. Sorry new to these forums.


  • Will the room exit thing wouldn't work here I wouldn't mind a survival skill that a person could use targeted on a denizen that has a x% chance of attracting attention to them.

  • Ah, taunts would be nice on denizens. I meant more along the lines of PVP to take the focus of group combat away from who can focus target one person down and then switch to the next.

  • There's no hardcoded effect like what you're describing, with the exception of Blademaster's Perfection ability, which gives subsequent attacks on the blademaster from additional enemies have a chance to miss within a short window - and that only has a relatively small impact. There are however a plethora of ways to disrupt people's ability to coordinate targets, to punish target orders, to split up groups and cause chaos, etc. Creativity goes a long way for these situations. I would consider it unlikely that there would be any direct mechanic like what you're suggesting added.

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