2021 Wrapup!

As we come to the end of 2021, we've taken our usual time to reflect on the year and wanted to give a brief teaser of what kinds of things you can expect in 2022!

We've had quite a bit going on this year. Let's take a look:

Q1: 2021 began with so many bugs as we released the Pariah class and the associated Ghezavat area. Close on its heels Crixos found a hard fought victory in the Championship Games (much to the dismay of everyone who figured out his more infamous staff power).

Q2: This was a busy one. Between the mass PVE update, relic changes, various collaborations for events with external writers, Pandora deciding to take over Cyrene (or so the propaganda says), city guides and city salaries (fear the unions), Underworld politics, classleads, foray rebalances... there was something for everyone in this three months.

Q3: Ictinus moved on to bigger and more stressful things as the Aetolia producer, making us all very sad. However, this quarter was not all doom and gloom! There was the major Discord integration, a project that probably drove Phaestus to despair several times. We also joined you in tears and cheers for Adryn's tournament featuring some incredible sailing, riddling, and a most puzzling return for the old to Minia's Imp Tower! We also saw Hashan's first ever CTF win, a mass hallucination thanks to a strange fungal monster, and if that wasn't terrifying enough the usual Mayaween celebrations capped off the quarter!

Q4: We started the final stretch of the year with the move away from knighthood as a core aspect of the warrior classes, and the release of the long awaited Paladin update and Unnamable class. Along with the various Logosmas festivities, the release of the excessively festive Merrywick village has also come to fruition, its creator's driven firmly into grinch status by exposure to the process.

And all through the year: mass quest system migration and bugfixes!

So what went wrong this year?

Mostly, we hit the things we wanted to this year. There were a few things we unfortunately couldn't fit in in the latter half - this was mostly a combination of: prioritising other projects (Discord etc), shifting staff around, and deciding to shift the knight split from 2022 to 2021.

So what can you expect next year?

Among other things, you'll find:

- Some exciting enhancements to Knighthood roleplay.

- Interfactional conflict expansions.

- Classlead implementation from the currently open cycle, naturally. That will include runewarden updates.

- Magi updates - these will be separate from classlead implementation, as they'll be getting a more indepth update and release!

- The long overdue and anticipated return of LHG!

- More customisation options.

- Some lore expansions for things you will have to wait and see on.

- The sprint from heaven (or hell if you're us): Achaea's 25th birthday in September, Mayaween in October, the Championship games in November, and then Logosmas to round out the year!

- Some other stuff! Nothing important, we're sure...

We're excited and we hope you are too!

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