Anyone else struggling to load Nexus?

Yesterday I couldn't sign into Nexus for hours; I'd sign in and just freeze, the room wouldn't load, commands wouldn't go through. I tried again two hours later and it was a bit better, though still laggy. I wasn't the only one facing this issue; I know at least one other person who was similarly affected. Help?


  • Update: Still happening.

  • edited December 2021

    I cannot even log in at all, the connection just closes. Thought I was going crazy since I double checked my password was correct. Can login with mudlet just fine though, so not sure what the problem is.

  • I would try a different browser on the same computer and also try logging in to Nexus on mobile. Can also try switching your phone from wifi to mobile data (assuming it’s decent speed/connection where you live) to see if it’s a home internet thing or an issue connecting to Nexus (ie. issue with the routing or with Nexus)

    Hope those few things to try help you figure out where the issue is possibly occurring.

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