Mush client errors


For as long as I've been playing, I've been using the mush client, the most accessible client for a visually impaired player. Recently, however, I've encountered some errors that have affected the client that have inhibbited its usage. When I launch it and log into my character, I keep getting messages such as "Alias function "handle_GMCP" cannot execute - scripting disabled/parse error", or C:\Program Files (x86)\MUSHclient\worlds\Achaea\oracle.lua contains an invalid path. Not only is scripting enabled, there doesn't seem to be any folders missing as someone mentioned in the game. This is a problem because with out sound, it is impossible for me to play at all. Would anyone happen to know how to resolve this issue? Do values need to be changed in the mush client folder itself? Is it something in the client?

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