Mudlet chat window and map question

I've been using svof/AK/Zgui but I'm having a problem where very quickly my mudlet bogs down, eventually the text window goes black, and mudlet crashes. I have the problem very rarely without zgui, but when I add it, I get the problem frequently. I looked on these forums for a simple chat and map (preferrably one that works like nexus where it's just one map that switches from wilderness/normal/sea.) Does anyone know where to find one? Everything I found on these forums except Zgui is either unsupported or the links are broken, and I'm terrible at coding. Thanks in advance.


  • If you're already using SVOF, AshliaGUI (searchable on forums) works out of the box and is fairly simple. It does not switch between map types out of the box though.

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  • I had to edit zGui quite a bit. I run on a small screen and not very fast computer. I think Zulah has some sort of Mega Nasa computer that cares jack about errors. Run Errors on Mudlet and you'll see where the issue is, then we can help you fix it. For me it was a Wilderness and Exp thing

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