Nexus - Shop Directory Filter and mxp walkto Integration script

Hey there peeps,

I figured I'd share this with other Nexus users since I've found myself using it nonstop.

Basically this package allows someone to use the command:

  • BROWSE <Item>

This can be used in any location where the "Directory <item>" command can be used.

it does 4 things.

  • It gags the Directory shop details when In use.
  • It removes duplicate items at the same price from the same stores.
  • It creates an MXP_SEND command on the shop's name so the user can click the shop they want to "walkto <ShopName>".
  • Relists the items after the filter.


Note: Use of this command creates a nexus variable called "BrowseArray", which may conflict with existing variables with the same name. Take care.

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