Mudlet or Nexus? Paired With Mobile

I've never used Mudlet or the Nexus clients before. People recommend the former a lot for some things and the latter for others. Is either one newbie friendly?

I currently share a laptop with someone so the bulk of my playing is usually mobile most of the time with Blowtorch or Mukluk. Does the Mudlet or Nexus code translate well into mobile clients? Or are they separate languages? Which one is easier to carry over in learning?

I'm terrible at coding but I'm trying to learn a little.

Any help or info would be very appreciated. 😀


  • Nexus is probably easier for newbies, and you can use it on mobile as it's in-browser, which is nifty. You can play on your phone using the same triggers, highlights etc as you do on your laptop.

    Mudlet is based on the Lua programming language - you've got to learn some syntax if you want to customise your profile. For Nexus you can either use the simplified scripting blocks (which are relatively easy to pick up and can get you pretty far) or Javascript for slightly more advanced scripting, if you even need it.

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