Bazaar Items

Just want to make a historical record like we have had in the past. It would be nice to list all the Bazaar items that were sold. Anyone care to post what was sold?


  • Lindire, the woodcarver says, "Ah! Let me show you what I have!"

         vial13266 a curved claw vial               50  1000gp

         pot164034 a sandstone pot                30  3000gp

         deck72850 a tentacled deck                25  4500gp

      statuette378488 a carved Khulian statuette           20  8000gp

    To buy something, BUY <thing> FROM Lindire.

    Kelath, keeper of the beasts says, "Ah! Let me show you what I have!"

        ticket538068 an emerald ticket for the first Itinerant Mo 999  10000gp

       buffalo269338 a putrefying undead buffalo          20  25000gp

    To buy something, BUY <thing> FROM Kelath.

    Lindire, the woodcarver says, "Ah! Let me show you what I have!"

         vial13266 a curved claw vial               50  1000gp

         pot164034 a sandstone pot                30  3000gp

         deck72850 a tentacled deck                24  4500gp

      statuette378488 a carved Khulian statuette           20  8000gp

    To buy something, BUY <thing> FROM Lindire.

    Therine says, "Ah! Let me show you what I have!"

         doll259476 a wooden stacking doll             20  5500gp

          top25662 a spiral top                  9  1800gp

      chalkboard165567 a small chalkboard               9  25000gp

        plush431879 a feral hellcat plush             39  4500gp

         doll267977 a dancing imp doll               40  4500gp

         doll52975 a lounging Imp Lord doll            28  5000gp

    To buy something, BUY <thing> FROM Therine.

    Ordruin, a troll leatherworker says, "Ah! Let me show you what I have!"

        pouch312326 an embroidered fish pouch           14  9000gp

        sheath463505 a gelatinous sheath              20  7500gp

       baldric509234 a sturdy baldric                19  7000gp

         loop557315 an anthropodermic beltloop           20  7500gp

       belthook112992 a gnome-face belthook             19  6500gp

       scabbard309812 a twisted scabbard of steel and bone      15  7500gp

    To buy something, BUY <thing> FROM Ordruin.


    -----Sculpted from pristine porcelain and glazed to a state of perfect, vitreous glossiness, the surface of this cylinder murmurs regal beauty to all who gaze upon it. Fine canals of gilt caress the container's surface from one end to the other, tracing along its curvature in spiralling motions. Breaking the serene grace of the scrollcase, a set of unusually thick, aureate chains strangles its construction and renders the contents completely inaccessible by mundane means. A small padlock etched with an hourglass holds the bindings together and ensures they do not give in to the probing of curious hands.


    -----Carved, shifted, and bound, the eonian custom of leavings reclamation endures within woven strands of twisted integument, its innumerable lengths snarled and arrayed in a macabre display of ever-during efficiency and daring flourish. An unembellished clasp of prosaic <Metal?> permits effortless donning and extraction, its joint basted to the leather with coarse, fibrous tresses and secured in perpetuity with a matching twine of <colour>. Leering from its basal throne, a <God Symbol/Symbology> bleached remnant endures as a final testament to the loop's benefactor, willing or otherwise.


    ----- Wrought of pale bone and blackened steel, funereal majesty and martial practicality marry in sombre union to form the body of this scabbard, broad enough to accomodate even the largest of blades. Grim helices of scrollwork enfold the sombre metal in the embrace of innumerable leering skulls rendered time and time again, the eyeless sockets of the fallen scribed in mute tribute to brutality and carnage. A single mark holds pride of place upon the throat of the sheath, the unmistakable wheft of a great twohanded claymore suffused in all the dusky hues of shadow and gloaming denoting allegiance to Osterrych Citadel.

  • a sturdy baldric of runed leather

    A tanned strap of chestnut leather, embossed with the ancient symbols of Runelore, loops around the wearer's shoulder to connect with a rudimentary buckle in a simple yet efficient design. A handful of burnished steel rings are affixed to the back, carefully shaped and aligned to provide a suitable location for any large implement to be sheathed. A second belt, fashioned of the same material, secures the baldric to the upper waist, ensuring that the weapon is always prepared and ready.

    an arcane book

    Aged, ebon leather lines this hefty tome, debossed with arcane symbols of cryptic origin and alien structure. Dancing like a celestial aurora along the markings, a faint light traces the cover's indentations with a slow, measured pace in occasional pulses. A small, brass latch helps keep the book shut when not in use, a pearlescent eye of uncanny realism perched upon the clasp. Within, the pages are yellowed and ancient in appearance, their scent reminiscent of the oldest, mustiest of libraries.

  • The Sturdy Baldric has a different description depending on what Knight Class (or Sentinel) you have.

    So for those not of those classes, they are different.

  • The scroll case either opens with play time or will be open now, it contains a very long scroll and functions as a normal container once opened.

  • I've never gotten to check out the bazaar before, does the scroll case decay? How much is it? I'd like it for... well, scrolls and journals

  • Everything but the books decay, you can get them non-decayed for 50 customization credits. To get one will be costly, I think people are selling them for 300k right now. You are better off hoping a friend got one to share honestly.

  • @Adrik Woah, didn't know that! That's pretty fantastic.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    a gelatinous sheath

    A colloidal mass of mucilaginous ooze clings to itself in a spherical blob of peculiar origin,

    acting with sufficient viscosity to serve as a mucoid sheath for any blade or dagger deposited 

    within. The gelatinous slime gleams an oily-black, metallic particulates suspended throughout 

    shimmering as they reflect incoming light, scattering the visible spectrum in hues of bright violet 

    and deep azure. Quivering at the slightest motion, the psychedelic substance is mesmerising in both 

    composition and purpose.

    It has 96 months of usefulness left.

    It weighs about 3 pounds and 8 ounce(s).

    It bears the distinctive mark of Ordruin, a troll leatherworker (a denizen).

    You slide an Azatlani sacrificial knife into a gelatinous sheath with a quiet 'swish'.

    The mucilaginous glob of oily-black ooze accepts an Azatlani sacrificial knife into itself, viscous

    material seeping in to encase the weapon in slime.

    The air around an Azatlani sacrificial knife vibrates as you swiftly unsheathe it from a gelatinous


    The colloidal mass of gelatinous ooze quivers in response to the passing motion, releasing its

    viscous grip upon an Azatlani sacrificial knife with a sickening slurp.

  • A stained glass journal:

    Stained glass polished to a flawless sheen offers an exterior to this delicate, fragile journal.

    Embossed with butterflies in every colour of the rainbow, the wild assortment of insects dances in a 

    chaotic panoply across both front and back, each slow-sweeping, patterned wing a glimpse and denial 

    of the parchment and paper bound within. Here the simple red admiral, there a brilliantine 

    glitterlight, even the translucent wings of those native to Nur find a place within the swirling 

    storm of the cover. Morpho caterpillars crawl along the base and binding, their form part-cocoon as 

    wings of bright azure burst forth in a transformation captured midway through its metamorphosis.


    A curved claw vial:

    Harvested by an intrepid hunter, this wolf's claw ranges from a woody brown hue at its sharp base,

    to a pallid white where it was separated from the paw. Removal of the quick affords a natural 

    container, expanded by the woodcarver to serve as a vial. Carved to resemble a wolf's snarling face, 

    and soaked in a ruddy dye, a wooden stopped seals the vessel. About the once-weapon's curve are 

    carved a series of tiny figures, each a simple assortment of lines poised in the varied poses of the 


    A sandstone pot:

    Neither join nor seam marks either inside or outside of this pot, its form seemingly sculpted from a

    single block of quarried stone. Muted beige entwines with deeper hues of titian flame in swirls of 

    finely grained shale, its result the impression of a breaking wave endlessly flowing with each turn 

    and change in the eye's perspective. Wending about the lip, an inscription offers up its golden 

    epigraphy to the viewer, seemingly part of the rock's very substance.

    A tentacled deck:

    Salt-silvered and grained in blue, the wood of this Tarot deck bears all the hallmarks of being

    salvaged from the sea. From within the box's wooden surface blinks an orange-rimmed eye, its 

    strangely horizontal pupil affording a most unnerving glare. Grasping the top and bottom of the 

    deck, and protruding from within its accordion folds are eight tentacles, their blue-black surface 

    sheened in perpetual moisture.


    A small chalkboard:

    Encased within a frame of richly hued cherrywood sits a solid piece of slate roughly a quarter-inch

    thick and one foot square in dimension. Slender white veins creep across the surface of the stone, 

    which is completely smooth and perfect for writing upon. A pattern of geometric starbursts graces 

    the edge of the woodwork, painstakingly carved so as to rise above and fall below the main surface. 

    Several pieces of chalk are tucked away in small sliding chamber in the bottom of the frame, and 

    twin metal clasps hold a slender eraser to the top of the board.

    A feral hellcat plush:

    A wild look dominates this miniature cat's plush demeanour with intense glass eyes that burn an

    incendiary red. Wrapped in a worn, harrowed coat of fur, several blotches of exposed canvas are 

    horrendously scarred where the toy feline has sustained past injury. Menacing claws and sharp teeth 

    are perpetually on display.

    A dancing Imp doll:

    Diminutive even by doll standards, and even more so by imp expectations, this wooden figure is not

    even half a foot tall. Reddish-brown cocobolo forms the toy's body, intricately carved to show even 

    uncomfortably realistic warts all over the creature's gnarled skin. Attired in an oversized blue 

    jerkin and a jester's hat, there can be no doubt that this servant's business is entertainment, for 

    even the slightest movement produces a pleasant jingle from the bells adorning its scant clothing. 

    It holds a small torch in its right hand, the flame represented by a bit of crimson-dyed wool. A 

    small, brass ring protrudes from its back, begging to be pulled by any mind curious, playful, or 

    simply bored enough to try.

    A lounging Imp Lord Doll:

    Smaller than even the smallest imp, this rendition of the Imp Lord captures all of his regal bearing

    in wood and cloth. Eschewing a crown, the doll wears a tiny iron helmet atop his golden curls of 

    wool. Stitched to his left hand is a cloth spear bearing embroidered jewels, while his left is 

    affixed to a tiny wooden goblet. Supporting his lordly self is a crudely-carved chair, the offcut 

    pieces of wood hastily gilded to resemble a throne.

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