Summer Festivals - which are you going to?

Went to Inkcarceration in Mansfield, OH with eldest/youngest sons and wife. Not bad but I had a story with it (went because before COVID my youngest son and I went to see Slipknot in MA, but my wife was worried about the pit. So I bought these tickets so she could be more relaxed and see the band she now is obsessed with despite me listening to them since 2000 when they were just "that shitty growl band" lol)

Decided to also get Louder Than Life Tickets so I'll be there too (1 son flying in Thurs FL to KY, 1 is driving from OH). I will be there Friday - Sunday because I have a new job and need to attend 10 hour days of training but we get a 3 day weekend.

We will also be going to Slipknot (KnotFest) in Tampa and COTA F1 in Austin, TX (not a fest but.. )

Tempted to do the Welcome to Rockville too. Curious what else is around.


  • If I wasn't hunting that weekend, I'd come by and say hi in Austin. While you're there, DEFINITELY go to Mandola's (either one, but I prefer the one on Guadalupe St.) - their pasta is cut to order.

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    I'm in San Antonio. I'll come say hi

  • Inkcarceration and Louder than Life down, F1 and Knotfest coming up quick. I'm still tempted do the Welcome to Rockville still, in Daytona but I need to figure out my new work schedule. Right now it's 12 hour days so.. gonna be rough. Still working on my forensic cert (month 4. If I pass this, I do the final written and prac-app). Still need to finish re-modeling my bathroom by myself too but most of the other projects are wrapped up so I should finally have a bit of time after Nov/Dec!

    I'll have to give you a shout when it's closer Arch.

    Thanks for the tips @Peak. What are you hunting (and where?). That almost sounds like more fun. I haven't gone hunting since I moved to FL last Nov.

  • @Caelan whitetail doe in between Corsicana and Palistine

  • edited October 2021

    Nice! Happy hunting.

    My buddy's in-laws have a big hunk of land somewhere near there I think. They use it for deer too. I need to get out there (and then elk in Wyoming at my father in law's)

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