Denizen Lore Question

@Nicola @Makarios Is there a canon reason that denizens don't age as time passes but adventurers do? For example, Dawlish the atavian boy in Targossas has been a child for 200 years. I understand why it's like that for OOC reasons, but it would be cool to know if there was an established reason that it's like that IC as well.


  • It is that way because the work required would be astronomical.

  • Oh I know, it would be actually ludicrous to implement a system like that. Still curious if there's an IC explanation or if I should just continue suspension of disbelief.

  • It's pretty much the same for adventurers...I mean, there's a number that technically goes up and up, but I don't think there are many people who change their descriptions with the passing of time. Let's just say it is all part of Maya's great sacrifice or something :)

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