Pariah tips?



  • DW gets ripped apart by Pariah, but is also simpler in design, and slower paced overall which makes it easier to manual in any case.

    It doesn't get a crypt though. Crypts are cool.

  • How is depthswalkers damage potential? I'd like to still at least get an occasional kill in raids. How is the ranged attack in terminus? Decent or will i want an artie bow eventually?

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    DW damage is pretty huge. I'd say it's right behind monk in terms of just standing there swinging blindly and getting tons of kills. Cull is no joke especially with the right Spec and arties. It has an AOE damage ability that can be used off balance as well.

    Oh it can also give Aeon, can room hinder akin to Piety/gravehands, can stop all arrows coming into the room, and can global teleport as well as blink to an opponent in your area. It also has Absolve (ish) for more free kills, if that wasn't enough already. :P

    And unlike Pariah, DW can wield bows. It's not a small thing.

  • Well I guess if I do decide to change classes I'll probably go depthswalker then! I definitely want to swap off of my non soa class so I can grab an soa again.

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    Should I go strength or con specc xoran? My defensive arties would be 1 con 2 sip 2 bracelet 1 regen and an soa. His trait is for strength. And I can't change that atm.

  • Constitution, to help offset the fact that DW is one of the squishiest classes in the game.

    The strength scaling only affects the damage from Reap/Cull. The majority of DW's damage potential is from Degeneration/Depression/Mutilate, none of which scale with your stats.

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    In a raid, the majority of your DPS will come from Cull which does scale pretty substantially with str (and scythe level). In 1v1, @Gallida is not wrong that majority will come from the listed abilities but of course strength helps.

    If you have a lot of HP arties I'd go (and do go) pure strength, but if you're a bit squishy, as Gallida mentioned, it might be wise to take the con especially in PvE.

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    Is 1 con 2 sip 2 bracelet 1 regen and SoA enough tankiness to go strength xoran?

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    I'd go human if you have any serious plans for grinding PvE. The crit bonus is worth far more than the +1 str -1 con.

    But yeah with those arties you should be able to do pretty much whatever you want other than the ridiculous stuff

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