Occultist raid dominance.



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    That would be like permanent rite of banishment wherever a security minister feels like. Ridiculous.

    Edit: About as ridiculous as guards pulling people out of phase.
  • I wouldnt mind just Doppleganger being toned down a bit. Several occultist spells can be channeled through them, I recall one time walking indoors to avoid meteors only to have dopples appear, I placed a shield up to attempt to negate its damage but Eldrich mists was cast through it O.o. Was forced to move out.

    Also if there are any runists among the raid group, shield is pretty easily negated with lava spouts and timed dopple tarot.
  • Thaumas got u good.

  • I like the fact that some classes are better than others at certain things, it makes the game more interesting, sure some things can be changed slightly for balance, but this game would suck if we all had similar generic skills.

    I also like the fact that some classes have advantages over other classes, it took me a while to appreciate that fact when I first starting playing, I use to hate Magi and Sylvan with a passion as a monk, I made a few topics complaining about what I thought was bullshit (tanking 5 bbt's in a row with just moss etc) it was bloody hard work getting a kill over those classes with damage, but I felt pretty good when I managed it.

    I also used to like the fact that Monk use to smash Knight classes pretty easily even without using TRB.

    I like the 'Swings and Roundabouts' aspect of the game
  • When'd they introduce 4 bbt insta?
  • In 2008 or so.
  • Vaehl said:
    When'd they introduce 4 bbt insta?
    Judging from the fact that Panpardus' post implies that magi/sylvan defence against monks was the primary gripe and that that TRB was still around, we're probably talking about quite some time back.
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    I actually agree and wish for the concept of area-combat to be changed in Achaea, and doppleganger is just a part of that. As someone had mentioned, perhaps a thread should be placed discussing this. Honestly im playing achaea for fun in interaction, be it combat or RP, not to rush to a sewer grate because I have been mind locked and got struck with telepathy blackout while doppies are appearing around me smirking. SMIRKING I TELL YOU.  X_X

    To agree with someone else, I think it was @Tanris that mentioned several times how Monks can compete in Area-damage and 1v1 damage? Giving them a jack-of-all-trades feel.

    Whatever  happened to just whacking one another with swords...fu kai choke, doppie, meteor (honestly Achaea's orbit must not have a single piece of debris from all the meteors >.>), etc.
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