zData (Hunting Database)

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This is a stand alone hunting/bashing database.

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nagnfsjkaxmbv57/zData.mpackage

What it does:

  • Creates a database called: Database_expdb.db in your profile folder
  • Runs a stopwatch while you are in a zone.
  • If you spend more than 1 minute in a zone and gain more than 0.01% experience, it will save your hunting session to the database
  • Displays your bashing sorted in a window

List of What it Records:

  • Area, Class
  • Critical Chance, Experience Boost
  • Time Spent Hunting that zone
  • Experience gain, experience gain per minute (EPM)
  • Total Kills (names/count), kills per minute (KPM)
  • Talismans found (What dropped them)
  • Gold, Gold per minute (GPM)
  • Critical Strikes and Types
  • Shield of Absorption, SoA Paragon
  • Seared Glyph
  • Maya Figurine
  • Stats
  • Does not record coffees per minute yet.

There is ONE Alias zBash that will pull up the display multiple ways:

  • zbash
  • zbash blademaster
  • zbash island
  • zbash isl
  • zbash epm
  • zbash shaman epm
  • zbash all
  • zbash all gold

What it looks like:

Here is an example searching for only blademaster sorted by KPM

Sorted by Gold

When you CLICK on any row on the list you will get a more detailed report:

Here is an example clicking on the first row

When you finish hunting in a zone you will get a message from your personal assistant that they have recorded database entry.

You can easily change the name, voice, and appearance of this assistant in the script:

zData.bardName = "Jaskier"

zData.bardVoice = " with a melodic voice"

Here is a GIF showing it being used:


  • Remember you have to spend at LEAST 1 minute in an area to record that area
  • Your experience must move at LEAST 0.01% plus/minus
  • This will NOT work until you hunt at least 1 zone to create a database entry.



If you want to see these you have to use DEF BRIEF (brief for you svo users) once in a zone.

DEFENCES is the only place you can pull this information from. I have DEF BRIEF built into my attack alias when I start in a zone.

This will all work fine without the crit% exp% information from defenses. That is just extra

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nagnfsjkaxmbv57/zData.mpackage


  • Holy shit dude.

  • edited August 2021

    Added a small change (Thank you @Veldrin) Some people just don't gain noticeable experience due to their level. If you've already downloaded and don't want to redownload for this.

    Search for this bit of code in your scripts --> movement --> line 22

      if zData.char.oxp ~= zData.char.xp and getStopWatchTime("zoneHuntWatch") > 60 then

    Switched to:

      if (zData.char.oxp ~= zData.char.xp or zData.char.killsCount > 0) and getStopWatchTime("zoneHuntWatch") > 60 then

    Already updated for future downloads.

  • bruh u insane

  • I am just in awe really. First the GUI, now this. Thank you very much

  • Registered on forums just to say this is nice. Thanks.

  • Man, stuff like this is what’s going to end up tempting me to switch to Mudlet from Nexus the most. There may be a lot of fun to be had in writing everything you have from scratch, but there’s only so much you can do. Packages like this are really incredible to me, and I have some fairly high hopes that there could be some awesome data analytics that could come from this. (Gold versus experience gained, time-to-kill versus gold/experience, accurate measurements of damage output… I might have to start writing a system of my one like this for personal use on Nexus.)

  • So I finally got around to using this and I'm pretty surprised this post only got a couple of comments. This is the best free package I've ever seen released on Achaea that weren't total curing systems.

    It works with just an install and is so user friendly.

    Jaskier says to you with a melodic voice, "Quite the slaughter you had at the Azdun Dungeon! You 

    earned 0.038 experience per minute. You also killed 7.45 vile monsters per minute."

    It would be nice if there was an option to configure what Jaskier tells you at the end of the trip. I would personally rather see how much gold I gained, how many talismans, and total experience rather than experience and monsters per minute. I am pretty sure this can be changed on the user end but it might be worth considering it for everyone.

    I tossed ya 25 credits for releasing this publicly, thanks Zulah.

  • not too hard to fix

    find the zData.db.zoneAdd function and this is what you change the zData.echo to

    zData.echo("<magenta>"..area.."<cyan>\! You earned <NavajoWhite>"..exp.."<cyan> experience. You also got <NavajoWhite>"..tali.."<cyan> talismans and <NavajoWhite>"..gold.."<cyan> gold.")

  • This is great and I love it. I noticed an error though. It registers negative gains on level up. I'm looking through it to fix, but haven't sorted it yet.

  • Hrm, do you think we could get a way to merge some results (so we could make hunting trips) and delete others? Like I have quite a few now that's for sailing related stuff (cause it tracks xp gained)

  • Is there a way to delete all the data in this? I tried uninstalling and deleting, but the data was still there when I reinstalled the script.

  • It uses a database so you would have to find the db file "exp_db" in your mudlet profile and delete that....then restart mudlet.

  • It would be quite nice to be able to click an X to delete an entry. Luckbinder/Rageblade bashing really skews this and makes it difficult to keep track of standard results. I know I've run into this a lot, I'm sure Cooper has as well.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • Thanks Thaisen, this worked.

    There are times when I don't want this to record new bashing trips - when I'm testing, know I'll have to take a break mid trip, etc.

    Also bashing while goldcapped skews it a lot and I don't want it to record those sessions.

    Not a big deal overall but it was nice to be able to clear everything and start fresh.

  • Updated.

    - Shows last 3 hunts
    - Can delete an entry
    - Can sort both up and down now
    - Added Unnamable
  • What a wonderful interface - love it! But, somehow I locked the window and I can't unlock like your zGUI. Can someone help me please? Thanks. MT
  • This looks awesome! Can't wait to test it out later
  • edited April 2022
    1. New sort row: Crit (critpercent only shows if you checked your DEF while hunting)
    2. Now shows DATE/TIME when you open an extended report (will be blank on old hunts before this update)
    Some people will have to hunt 1 zone to update all old data back in (You should NOT lose any previous data on this update, just need to add another entry to update old data)

  • edited April 2022
    odd double post on edit
  • First of all, thanks for everything you've made available. It's been a huge help in getting me hooked on this game. So, I'm currently in the process of building a Mudlet profile that I'll be using while I enjoy this bundle of fun. I have a git repository setup that I'll make available in due course but I'm currently making use of a fair bit of open source code. My question is this: Do you have this available on Github or elsewhere? I'm struggling to find it. The aim here is for my init system to only use code hosted on Github and I'd like to make use of this code here. If it's too much hassle for you and you're happy, I'll port it over but I wished to check in with you initially.

    Again, the stuff you have available is nothing short of brilliant. Thanks!
  • @auces This package is not on github. Any code I release is free for anyone to use/alter/distribute however they wish! Thanks for asking though.
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