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Hey everybody,

I haven't logged into Achaea in a decade, and I kinda doubt many people remember me since I've kept in touch very poorly (read, not at all), but I used to play in high school and was thinking back fondly on the game the other day and decided to pop back in and see what's up. Hi to anyone who remembers me and sincerely sorry for how unedited and verbose my writing used to be... What's the general feel of the game with player activity and city relations right now? Are things still busy enough to be engaging? How's the PVP community feeling about the state of the game and where is it generally concentrated? Just looking for a general State of Achaea type overview if anyone's got the time and inclination, don't need all the changes of the past decade obviously but curious how people are feeling about Achaea in 2021.


  • I think you'll find that the aspects you remember fondly are still present in Achaea. Still plenty of people playing - lots of new faces (some of which are definitely re-rolled characters for experienced operators), but I'm sure there are many you will recognise from back then that are still present.

    Many things have changed, though:

    • The old houses are gone, replaced by houses that are very much city oriented (with a few exceptions).
    • For the most part, cities are factions strongly connected with the realms of their patrons.
    • Bashing has changed, with rage abilities adding a new dimension.
    • Many new areas have been added.
    • There are more sub-game aspects to get involved in, including forays, mining, elemental plane conflict, foraging, and many more.
    • Trade based skills have been detached from character class, and several more character classes have been added. Many existing classes have had significant revamps.
    • Seafaring has become far more engaging with sea monsters and truly amazing encounters with kraken.

    Dive back in and check it out :)

  • Thanks for your time folks! Yeah I saw a few names that rang a bell when I logged in earlier kicking around, honestly it’s been so long that I remember old friends’ real names way better than I remember their characters. There are still a few active people in some of my ancient clans so I should be able to get back on my feet smoothly with a minimal amount of pestering. Looking forward to playing with all of you again, once I get set up here and learn all the new curing systems which seem to have been completely changed a few times. RIP Shallam, think last time I played Quoren had just come to power there if I’m remembering properly. Curious to find out what happened with all that but I’ll probably save it for in-character.

  • To get back into it, I would recommend making a burner character. The tasks for newbies are pretty comprehensive and tell you a fair amount of commands that people have internalized and won't think to tell you.

  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
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    @Goethe I don't believe we ever crossed paths, but I remember you from my era. I've also returned semi-recently, and feel appropriately overwhelmed by all the things that have changed and appropriately amused by all the things that haven't. The scripting barrier for everything other than roleplay has increased significantly, monthly promotions have perhaps impacted the overall atmosphere and suspension of disbelief a bit, and there are new mechanics and systems like renown and forays that we never would have dreamed of in our day, but the game you love is still there under all the pizazz and inevitable power creep.

    I'm a free agent without a lot of factional ties these days. Invent an excuse to stumble across me and we can reminisce about the days gone by.

    -- Grounded in but one perspective, what we perceive is an exaggeration of the truth.
  • Welcome back @Goethe. Definitely, a lot has changed over the years since you last played. I returned recently-ish as well, and can confidently say you will feel a strange sense of deja vu with a touch of wonder at the new changes. This dish will be accompanied by extreme amounts of excitement at all of the opportunities and a slight aftertaste of disappointment with the things that never change.

    Overall, I think you will be able to really enjoy yourself, and if you ever need anything, just reach out. Some of the biggest IG monsters are a great help OOC, and have really helped me get back into the swing of things!

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