A Divine Challenger

I decided to do a bit of silly roleplay to get the last of my renown for the day, and it turned into something really fun.

@Gaia Thank you for playing along and giving Alyzar a great first interaction with a Divine.

@Alyzar I'm coming for you

The log was too long for a forums post so here is a pastebin.



  • I'm so glad I was there to witness that moment.

  • This was definitely one of the highlights of my time here!

    Huge thanks to both @Vasher and @Gaia for this incredible experience, and for giving me my new goal of becoming God-Emperor of Rock Paper Scissors by defeating every Divine.

    I only ask that future challengers endeavor to make a spectacle of the event. Perhaps we can turn the lineage of the RPS champion into a running community joke.

  • You are welcome to challenge me as many times as you wish, Earthmother. Though, I cannot promise the result will change.

  • Meanwhile the admins are furiously creating new functionality request to coders to control RPS results in room.

  • this has to be one of the greatest and humorous games of RPC I've ever seen.

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