how to create a system that persists throughout mudlet profiles?

Hi! I'm starting to try to add my own additions on top of serverside in mudlet. How would I go about creating a system/script that will save settings/persists on it's own. Meaning, if I wanted to - I could just import the script into a fresh profile and have all my settings -if any- loaded and have my GUI already good to go.

I wondered why I would need to do this but then I figured if I ever wanted to play around on an alt or get to the point where I'd share my own system, I'd like to make that process as easy as can be! Nobody likes starting a fresh profile and having to re-do code you already wrote x amount of times.

P.S Tips for QQL things I should code first? I've already got anti-theft out of the way and a makeshift bashing script that I threw together.


  • I may be misunderstanding but..

    You can EXPORT it in the menu bar which creates a file you can then import to other profiles or just use as a backup if things go awry.

  • You want to make a module and import/export it using the modules manager instead of the package manager. Google should be able to give you a better answer on the how to do it.

  • @Caelan yes! I was just curious if there way a better way to do it. I.e if I did it this way, -every change I do- I'll have to save and export again and again. Didn't know if there was a way to always keep it up to date. Would GitHub work?

    @Accipiter I think this is what I'm looking for!

  • For some reason there is no documentation on how to actually achieve this. I found this forum post on Mudlet forums.

    the last comment was this,

    ""So, I can create a package from my main profile, pull the .xml out of the .zip file, create some new profiles, and import the the .xml file as a module in each profile. From that point, after I save any profile using the module, it will update and be synced to all other profiles that use the module, correct?

    Is there a good way to keep general settings, like font size, in sync across all profiles?""

    What this person is mentioning in the comment is exactly what I want to do. Is this the correct way?

  • Yeah, make the settings you want to keep current over all profiles, export them as a package, then import the package via the module manager instead of the package manager. Then each time you create a new profile, import via the module manager and they should all stay in sync as long as you edit settings within the folders in the various alias/trigger/script pages. That is my understanding of the whole thing anyway, which I got from:

  • AustereAustere Tennessee

    Here's a useful writeup I found. It's a bit dated, but the general juice is still there.

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